‘Kate Plus 8’ Fans Can’t Believe Mady Looks ‘All Grown Up,’ ‘Stunning’ In Kate Gosselin’s Photo

Chris PizzelloAP Images

Kate Plus 8 fans can’t believe how grown up twin Mady looks in a new photo that Kate Gosselin shared on Instagram. Kate rarely shares photos of twins Mady and Cara on social media, and fans who have watched the eight Gosselin children grow up on the small screen were ecstatic to see a new “stunning” selfie photo of Mady Gosselin. After twins Mady and Cara turned 17 last October, mom Kate is reportedly taking some time to appreciate the “limited time” they have left at home.

In Touch Weekly also shared Kate Gosselin’s latest Instagram photo of daughter Mady while noting that Jon and Kate’s twin daughters were only 7-years-old when their TLC reality TV series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, hit the small screen back in 2007. Since then, a lot has changed in the Gosselin household, especially after Jon and Kate divorced in 2009, turning the series into just Kate Plus 8. As Kate Plus 8 continues into an indefinite hiatus, fans rely on social media for updates on the Gosselin family.

The last episodes of Kate Plus 8 let fans watch Jon and Kate’s sextuplets officially turn into teenagers, which was shocking enough for loyal viewers who remember them as just babies during the first season of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Even more shocking, it seems, to fans of the Gosselin clan is that Mady “is just stunning” in Kate’s recent Instagram photo. Two weeks ago, Kate Gosselin shared the photo of daughter Mady, while adding in the caption other hashtags that let fans know just how much she’s “cherishing every moment” that her twin daughters still have “left at home.”

“Wow, she looks completely different I didn’t recognize her!”

“Gorgeous and almost all grown up.”

Kate Gosselin has been hit with some criticism over the past few years that says she’s allegedly “controlling” of her eight children. However, the 42-year-old single mom has built up a large following on social media from her loyal Kate Plus 8 fan base. Kate thanked her Twitter followers back in June for watching the sextuplets 13th birthday party, and in October of 2013, Kate Gosselin took to her official Kate Plus 8 blog to express her shock over twins Mady and Cara turning 13, saying, “It can’t be!”

ET Online wrote in October of 2017 that Kate Gosselin had mixed feelings when Mady and Cara turned 17 because they’re “almost adults” who will “soon leave for college.”

One comment on Kate Gosselin’s Instagram photo of Mady says that she has blossomed into a “very pretty young lady” since the first episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Other comments ask where the time goes, with one Kate Plus 8 fan sharing that they “loved the show the most” when the eight Gosselin kids were young, along with a “time flies by” hashtag. Kate Gosselin, who goes by username kateplusmy8, replied back to follower comments by letting them know that Mady and Cara are now juniors in high school and that “it’s so so hard” to realize that “they won’t live with you forever.”

Jon Gosselin, 40, who said that he “lost everything” when he divorced Kate, as noted by Us Weekly, also shared a “rare” photo of daughter Hannah on his Instagram account a few days ago. CafeMom shared that Jon Gosselin’s “daddy-daughter moment” also featured his current girlfriend, Colleen Conrad. Comments say that 13-year-old Hannah “looks just like” Jon and also “all grown up.”

Unknown is whether Kate Plus 8 will ever return to the small screen with new episodes, especially since Jon and Kate’s eight children are getting older, but Kate Gosselin shared on Twitter that she hopes to see viewers “again soon” on TLC. Fans of Kate Plus 8 also hope to see the Gosselins return to reality TV, especially disgruntled fans who were disappointed that the last season only had three episodes.