Agent Of Josh McDaniels Quits In Wake Of Patriots’ Offensive Coordinator Backing Out Of Colts’ Job

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Josh McDaniels has become the lightning rod for controversy over the last several days. Since calling the offense for the New England Patriots in their Super Bowl 41-33 defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles, Josh McDaniels has remained in the news.

Things began to go downhill on Sunday night with the Patriots’ loss. The Indianapolis Colts felt as if they had an agreement in place with Josh McDaniels to become their new head coach. They were hoping to make everything official on Tuesday. Hours after the Colts began preparations for their press conference, Josh McDaniels backed out of the agreement, according to Pro Football Talk.

Josh McDaniels’ decision to spurn the Colts was followed by him signing a contract to remain the offensive coordinator of the Patriots. It is a choice by McDaniels that has not been well received around NFL circles. Now, there is a report that his agent has walked out on their agreement.

According to ESPN, Josh McDaniels’ agent Bob LeMonte quit after an announcement was made regarding the offensive coordinator’s intentions. In the ESPN report, LeMonte was cited as “stunned” after learning that Josh McDaniels was going to turn down the Colts’ offer. Bob LaMonte’s decision to quit on Josh McDaniels does not come across as a surprise.


Josh McDaniels has been the center of criticism since he made the decision to not accept the head coaching vacancy with the Indianapolis Colts. One of Josh McDaniels’ harshest critics (courtesy of the Boston Globe) was former New England Patriots’ offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. The topic of Josh McDaniels being considered the “coach in waiting” when Bill Belichick leaves was mentioned.

“I was absolutely shocked. It’s like a slap in the face. If he’s not [the heir apparent], then that would’ve been the absolute dumbest move in the history of sports.”

Josh McDaniels replaced Charlie Weis as the offensive coordinator in 2005 before taking the job to coach the Denver Broncos. It was a tenure which lasted only two seasons and was full of turmoil.

The Indianapolis Colts’ job would have been Josh McDaniels’ second chance at running his own NFL team. For McDaniels to turn down the opportunity to coach the Colts leaves several questions. It likely will not stop people from calling him out.


Many of the questions why Josh McDaniels decided to spurn the Indianapolis Colts will go unanswered. Despite it being his choice, there has been a lot of damage done. That includes some of the coaches who were hired to become a part of Josh McDaniels’ coaching staff.

Josh McDaniels may have cost himself an opportunity for future employment as a coach with other NFL teams. It is a process that McDaniels’ agent Bob LaMonte no longer wants to be a part of.