Duggar Family Invites Kids Of Josh Duggar, Josiah’s Girlfriend Lauren Swanson But Not Jana Duggar For Party

Duggar family is famous for separating their kids by gender for activities. While they live in a society in which gender norms are getting challenged, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar still like to uphold what is thought to be appropriate for girls and boys. They have treated their sons to airshows and have taken their daughters to amusement parks and game arcades.

Because Jim Bob and Michelle have 19 kids, it is challenging for them to do things as a whole family. Not only do the logistics get tricky, but it gets expensive to pay for everyone’s experience. So the parents tend to take only boys or girls for an outing or for a special experience outside their home.

This time, Michelle arranged the Duggar girls to gather for a tea party, according to their Facebook. Not only did her younger daughters turn up for the event, but she also extended the invitation to Josiah Duggar’s new girlfriend and her sisters, as well as her eldest son Josh Duggar’s daughter.

“They all look so cute they look like they had a lot of fun,” a fan noted in the comment section. “I love that the older girls always take care of the younger ones.”

Other fans noted just how great it is for young girls to get together and socialize.

“My daughter has sleepovers with her friends and they have dress up outfits such as Cinderella, Sophia the First, and Snow White, which they use for their tea parties,” a follower wrote. “I even gave her an old set of China to use. She and her friends love it.”

The older girls also captured the attention of Counting On fans. Especially the newer additions to the family — Lauren Swanson and Kendra Caldwell’s sister — showed that the Duggar family continues to grow.

“I see Lauren Swanson and Lauren Caldwell at the top left, they are both such sweet girls,” a fan commented. “Love seeing all the little Duggar Girls together also.”

However, there was an important member of the family that was missing at this all-girls event. Jana Duggar, the eldest unmarried daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, was nowhere to be seen at the tea party. The fact that she is often seen chaperoning her younger siblings at family events made her absence even stranger.

The last time that the family featured Jana on their social media accounts was when she was in New Zealand at the family conference this January.

The Duggar family’s reality TV show, Counting On, has a new season coming out at the end of February, according to InTouch Weekly.