Jenelle Evans Has Settled Into A Normal Routine After Dramatic ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Jenelle Evans revealed that she was unhappy with her life on the previous season of Teen Mom 2. She hated how the Teen Mom 2 producers portrayed her on the show, she didn’t like how fans thought David Eason was abusive, and she threatened to cut off contact with her mother if she didn’t give Jace back to her in court. While she chose to get married to David and settle down in the country in North Carolina, it sounds like things are far from perfect with her mother, Barbara. However, Jenelle has seemingly taken control of her life, as she’s striving to live a normal life these days.

Even though Jenelle wasn’t happy with the show, she may return to Teen Mom 2 this upcoming season. She hasn’t revealed whether she’s filming, but she has demanded a public apology from MTV and the producers. Now, Jenelle is trying to focus on her children, as she revealed she was up early to bring them to school. She didn’t talk about who she was bringing to school, but one can imagine she’s bringing Maryssa and Kaiser to school. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans appears to be getting up early and making an effort with her kids.

It’s possible that Jenelle Evans can prove to a judge that she’s capable of taking care of Jace. For years, Evans has tried to get her son back, and the judge has constantly said that she doesn’t feel Jenelle is ready. Her lawyer has warned her that her past with bad decisions will come back and haunt her, and in the last ruling, a judge placed Jace with Barbara indefinitely. It sounds like Evans will have to prove herself as a mother before she will be able to get Jace back. She has two additional children and one stepdaughter, so one can imagine she has her hands full with her children.

Jenelle Evans is still upset about the way she was treated on the show. She claimed that Teen Mom 2 producers always wanted to show her in a negative light, while they wanted to show Chelsea DeBoer in a positive light.