Jamie Dornan Talks About What It Was Like Losing His Mother At A Young Age

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Jamie Dornan has been promoting his latest movie, Fifty Shades Freed, which is the final movie in the Fifty Shades franchise, over the last few weeks. While making the rounds with the press, the actor has been talking about not only what audiences can expect to see from the final film, but also how he feels about his character, and even his personal life. In a recent interview, Dornan went so far as to discuss what it was like to lose his mother when he was a teenager.

According to the Independent, Jamie Dornan shared that there are still times when the loss of his mother will “smack me round the face.” It seems that having two children of his own has actually given him an entirely new perspective on not only parenthood in general, but also on what it means to have lost his mom. Dornan explained that this is something that he will never really be able to get over.

Jamie Dornan was 16 years old when his mother, Lorna, passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Now at the age of 35, and with two children of his own, he says that it is an ever evolving process for him, and getting to see his children interact with their mother reminds him of the things that he lost out on. Even though Dornan is getting to see his own children grow up with their mother in their lives, he explained that he has realized, “I didn’t have that for a section of my youth.”


Ever since Jamie Dornan was announced as being a part of the Fifty Shades franchise, many fans have wanted to know more about the actor. However, while the world may like to know more about him, he has remained a very private person. Even during interviews for Fifty Shades Freed he has been relatively tight lipped over his personal life. While talking about his mother however, Dornan was able to really open up and not only did he explain that losing his mother was a very “horrendous time in my life” that he has never gotten over, but he also shared some more details about the relationship he has with his wife.

While losing his mother was clearly difficult and is something he has never truly gotten past, Jamie Dornan had no problem delving a bit more into his personal life, sharing that the same night he met his wife he knew that she was going to be the woman he married. Although audiences may be gearing up for the final installment in the Fifty Shades franchise, it is clear that the actor is not only ready to move on, but he is also a little more willing to share some of the more personal details about his life now that he is no longer going to be playing Christian Grey.