‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Live Feed Update, This Houseguest Has Threatened To Self-Evict Twice Already

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Celebrity Big Brother just kicked off Wednesday, February 7 on CBS, but one of the houseguests has tried to self-evict, not only once, but twice. According to a Reddit user (Vegasforsure), Metta World Peace has tried to self-evict multiple times, and they now are on high alert that he could try to do it again.

The report claims that Metta pushed the emergency button, which is a Big Brother first. It resulted in all the houseguests being locked in the Head of Household room to talk to Metta about his decision to leave.

After a few hours, the former NBA star decided to stay after the other Celebrity Big Brother houseguests persuaded him to stick it out. He didn’t want to stay, but the house told him he would regret it if he quit.

Celebrity Big Brother live feeds show Metta participating in a game of charade. If the report is accurate, the game happened right after he agreed to stay, 10:18 p.m. PST.

Several days ago, Metta tried to leave the house. He tried to escape through the storage room. He ended up staying after talking to production. With this being his second attempt to go, how much longer will he tolerate being in the house?

Metta World Peace threatens to self-evict from the 'CBB' house
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Metta misses his fiance and baby, which being away from them would be difficult for any family man. However, he signed up for Big Brother. If he can shake off being homesick, he could be a great player.

The worst part of the story is if he does self-evict eventually, he took a spot from someone who could have played the game. It’s clear his head is not in the game since he’s threatened to quit twice in eight days.

Chuck Liddell briefly chatted with Metta at 10:39 p.m. Celebrity Big Brother spoilers state that Chuck asked Metta is they (production) gave him an update on his family. Chuck admitted that being away from his family is tough, but it’s only a few weeks. Hopefully, Metta will snap out of this and start playing the game.


As of now, Metta will be sticking around. However, since he has threatened to leave twice in eight days, who knows whether he will change his mind and push the red button to exit Celebrity Big Brother for good.

Celebrity Big Brother will air next Thursday on CBS at 8/7 p.m.