‘Supernatural’ Season 13, Episode 13 Spoilers: Danneel Ackles’ Sister Jo Might Betray Sam And Dean Winchester

The world of Supernatural is filled with strong independent women who do not need much help from Sam and Dean Winchester. There are so many feisty females in the CW show that an all-girl spin-off series Wayward Sisters is currently in the works. Nevertheless, the show will introduce yet another interesting woman in the form of a faith healer named Sister Jo, who will show up in Supernatural Season 13, Episode 13. However, the best thing about the character is that she will be portrayed by Jensen Ackles’ better half Danneel Ackles.

Fans have certainly been waiting for Danneel Ackles to finally make an appearance in her husband’s CW series. After all, the actress seems like the perfect candidate to portray a strong female lead on the show. Luckily, the wait is over and Ackles is set to debut as Sister Jo in Supernatural Season 13, Episode 13. But will the faith healer turn out to be a naughty girl in “Devil’s Bargain”? Could Sister Jo help Sam and Dean Winchester in their continuing struggle against Lucifer?

Danneel Ackles recently spoke to TVLine, where she revealed that Sister Jo’s allegiances are not quite clear. The actress stated that her character “is really drawn to powerful people” as well as those who could “help her move forward in her life.” Unfortunately, it sounds like Lucifer might take advantage of Sister Jo in Supernatural Season 13, Episode 13.

“She is an extremely powerful faith healer… so powerful that she attracts Lucifer’s attention.”

Although it is possible that Sister Jo could be Lucifer’s newest potential weapon, Danneel Ackles also teased on her character working with Sam and Dean Winchester in Supernatural Season 13, Episode 13. According to Ackles, the faith healer “has some qualities that [the Winchesters] need to use.” There is a possibility that the boys will try to convince Sister Jo to help them defeat the fallen angel.

Danneel Ackles as Sister Jo in Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13

The idea of Danneel Ackles joining the Supernatural Season 13 cast certainly is a welcome one, but this is not the first time that a spouse of one of the lead actors has played a significant role in the series. Jared Padalecki’s wife Genevieve Cortese had previously portrayed an incarnation of the demon Ruby in the CW show.

Supernatural Season 13, Episode 13 will air on The CW on February 8.