Japan’s Princess Mako Delays Wedding To Commoner Fiance Kei Komuro, Sparks Rumors Of Money Woes

Shizuo KambayashiAP Images

Japan’s Princess Mako previously made headlines when she decided to ditch her royal status in order to marry her commoner sweetheart Kei Komuro. But now, their fairytale-like love story has hit a snag after they announced Tuesday that they are delaying their wedding for at least two years.

In an announcement released by the Imperial Household Agency Wednesday, the 26-year-old eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito cited time constraints as the main reason for the delay.

According to the outlet, Princess Mako and Kei Komuro confirmed that they don’t have much time to make “sufficient preparations” for their formal engagement ceremony and the actual wedding itself.

“We have come to realize that we do not have enough time to prepare for the ceremonies and our new life before the wedding planned in autumn,” Princess Mako said in a statement.

The Japanese princess also admitted that they may have done things “too hastily” and even blamed their “immaturity.”

“We should have thought twice carefully whether the pace was actually right for us… Now, we’d like to have the marriage, a major life event, in a better way.”

Princess Mako, who is expected to lose her royal status once she marries Kei Komuro, apologized to everyone involved in her wedding preparations.

Princess Mako and Kei Komuro during the announcement of their engagement last year.Featured image credit: Shizuo KambayashiAP Images

Previously, it has been revealed that the palace requested 150 million yen or $1.5 million as part of its 2018 budget to cover Princess Mako and Kei Komuro’s wedding. The said amount will also be used to aid the princess as she starts her life outside of the royal family.

Meanwhile, the couple has already informed Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko that wedding-related ceremonies will be delayed. The monarch is reportedly respectful of the couple’s decision.

Princess Mako will lose her royal status when she marries a commoner.Featured image credit: Shizuo KambayashiAP Images

Aside from time constraints, Princess Mako reportedly put into consideration her family’s busy schedule. Apparently, the Japanese royal family has “a series of important ceremonies next year,” including the emperor’s abdication

According to the outlet, Emperor Akihito, 84, will abdicate on April 30, 2019, marking the first time for more than two centuries that a Japanese emperor stepped down the throne.

Crown Prince Naruhito, 58, is expected to ascend the Chrysanthemum Throne a day after the abdication.

Princess Mako is the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino.Featured image credit: Zoltan MatheAP Images

Princess Mako’s delayed wedding sparks various speculations, including money issues involving Kei Komuro’s family.

According to The Guardian, Kei Komuro’s mother and her former fiance had disputes over money. Allegedly, Mrs. Komuro borrowed more than four million yen or $35,000 that she used to cover for her son’s education.

There were claims that Kei Komuro’s mother has yet to repay the amount. However, his family argued that they thought the money was “a gift.”

Despite the claims, Imperial Household Agency official Takaharu Kachi denied that the couple’s decision has something to do with money woes.

He also added that the couple still intends to tie the knot in 2020. So far, Princess Mako and Kei Komuro have yet to confirm the new date of their wedding.