Twitter Unleashes Its Fury On Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP For Allegedly Promoting Eating Disorders To Stay Thin

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s company GOOP gets heat on Twitter for allegedly promoting eating disorders. That’s how many social media users understood her article based on the title anyway.

Perez Hilton shared that GOOP published an article on how to achieve the “leanest liveable weight.” Many people took that to mean that it was a guide on how to get as thin as possible without starving yourself to death.

The article was an interview with Traci Mann, Ph.D. about “Why Diets Don’t Work” and tips to achieve the leanest weight possible. The article is a solid piece that outlines how to find a healthy, maintainable weight. Traci mentions that often the lowest livable weight will be up to 15 pounds heavier than the current goal weight of most women.

Mann explained that when you diet excessively, it is hard on your body. One week, you are eating high calories, treating yourself because you feel like you deserve a treat. The next, you are barely eating 900 calories each day. In the end, it all confuses your body, so it holds on to fat in the body.

GOOP claims that following Traci’s tips, one can find their perfect weight and maintain that weight effortlessly.

“Your ‘leanest livable weight’ is the weight at the low end of your “set range.” Your set range is a genetically determined range of weight that your body generally keeps you in, despite your efforts to escape it. If your weight is below that range, biological changes due to calorie deprivation happen and generally push you back into your set range. However, if you stay within your set range—at the lower end of it—you should be able to maintain that weight without your body making those negative changes.”

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Even though there wasn’t anything wrong with the article, Twitter users used this chance to trash Gwyneth Paltrow and her company GOOP. Some users claimed that the article revealed “how to be as thin as possible without dying,” which is not true.

Another user claimed that they wished GOOP would encourage young girls to achieve a healthy weight. The fact is, the article did give teenage girls and young women a guideline on how to fight the need to constantly diet and achieve the weight your body was meant to be.

The people who liked the article admitted that the phrase “leanest liveable weight” was probably not the best title for the article.

Mann stressed multiple times in the interview that your “leanest livable weight” had nothing to do with being a certain size or depriving yourself. She insisted that even if you need to lose weight, she cautioned against dieting. She recommended you increase your fruits, vegetables, and water intake.

Take a look at some of the tweets to GOOP about the article.