Lijit launches advertising network

Social search service Lijit has launched the Lijit Ad Network, bringing revenue opportunities to Lijit users.

Lijit offers a search facility for blogs (we’re currently using them) that includes social grouping, for example as well as offering local blog search, bloggers can add blogs they’re friendly with to the mix. Until now, advertising against those search results wasn’t shared, so although it’s a smart enough service, for some, not getting a cut of the action, vs local search, or even Google Custom search was a limiting factor.

Along with the revenue sharing from ads, Lijit will also allow users to sell their search based ads directly to advertisers with whom they may already have relationships. This functionality isn’t available today, but will be offered soon.

The ad network will appeal to sites who that a lot of searches, and may also be of interest to others. Either way, it removes the main reason most cite in not using Lijit, so it’s a good move.