Who Got Eliminated On ‘The Amazing Race’ 2018 Tonight? Episode 7 Results


Viewers got to see a first tonight on The Amazing Race 2018, as the teams swapped partners and had to complete a challenge with their competition. The Amazing Race Season 30 is bringing a lot of twists, including two more episodes tonight, but who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2018 tonight? Find out the Episode 7 results from tonight below in our The Amazing Race spoilers.

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 30, the teams made their way to Prague for this leg of the race. The big twist on this leg was the Double U-Turn, which was in play. It happened to be during the Detour, and with the teams arriving in Prague in two different groups, the last three teams were in a race to get to the Double U-Turn first. Jessica and Cody got to it before Trevor and Chris, so they used it on them. That meant Trevor and Chris had to do both parts of the Detour. They never recovered from that, as they were eliminated from the competition.

First Hour

The teams headed to Zimbabwe and had to build a tent to camp overnight. The next day, Phil Keoghan threw the twist at them, as the partners were swapped. From there, they had to ride horses to find poaching evidence or drive a vehicle through water to deliver canteens of water. Once that was done, the teams headed to the Pit Stop. However, they could only check in with Phil once their actual partners were there. Cody and Jen were there first, but had to wait for Kristi and Jessica. They happened to be the last team to arrive, so they ended up being the fifth- and sixth- place team. No elimination though, as they went back to their original partners and got the next clue to continue the race.


Second Hour

This leg of The Amazing Race 2018 started out with another Double U-Turn. Lucas and Brittany U-turned Jessica and Cody, and Alex and Conor U-turned Henry and Evan, which meant they had to do both of the Detours. Both teams were able to get the Detours done and to the next challenge, as all the teams were there at the same time. They had to dance and sing along with a local band, which happened to be singing in their native language. This was a tough one for all of the teams, but Lucas and Brittany got it done first and won this leg of the race.

In the end, it came down to Eric and Daniel and Cody and Jessica needing to complete the singing task. Cody just wanted to perform over and over again without practicing or getting tutored. It worked, as they got it first and got to the mat in fifth place. That meant Eric and Daniel were in last place tonight and were eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 30.


The Amazing Race 2018 airs on Wednesday nights at 9/8c on CBS.