‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Live Feed Sneak Peek, Day 8 — Omarosa Calls Chuck Her ‘Insurance Policy’

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Celebrity Big Brother will premiere in just a few hours on CBS. As a treat to the CBBUS fans, the network put the live feeds on for 15 minutes on Wednesday afternoon. What’s clear by the feeds is the game is in full swing, and there is already some friction inside the house.

According to Joker’s Updates, Omarosa Manigault informs Chuck Liddell that she and Shannon Elizabeth gave their support to the woman, but she fears they will eventually become targets. She added that she doesn’t want to betray the woman, but they don’t want to get voted out either.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers state that Chuck understands, but with so many women in the house, the men are going to have to target them soon. Omarosa interrupts him to say she is not going to betray the women.

Chuck admits that he’s talked to James Maslow about working with Omarosa and Shannon. Celebrity Big Brother spoilers tease that Omarosa replies that she wished he would have come to her earlier before she promised loyalty to the women. Chuck seemed to be fishing for them to give him safety, but neither promised to help him.

Omarosa feels that James just wants to save himself. She wonders why he didn’t talk to her at all until he was put on the block. She added that they have pledged to work with the other ladies in the house, but they both really want to work with Chuck.


Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal that Chuck hasn’t talked to anyone else about working with them. He tells Omarosa that he was waiting for the POV meeting to see what happens.

Omarosa informs Chuck that he isn’t her target, so he doesn’t need to worry. Celebrity Big Brother spoilers state that the rest of the house has told Chuck the same. Shannon added that when he talks to them, they feel like they can trust him. Chuck seemed happy with their conversation.

After he leaves, Omarosa tells Shannon that Chuck is their “insurance policy.” She continues that they need him because the women are so “wishy-washy.”


It sounds like Chuck and James are on the block. They didn’t mention who was the Head of Household. It should be an exciting 18 days with these celebrities.

Celebrity Big Brother airs Wednesday, February 7, on CBS at 8/7 EST.