Logan Paul Tasering Dead Rats Leads To More Social Media Backlash

D DipasupilGetty Images

Logan Paul seems to once more be sparking a backlash on social media, this time over a video posted on February 5 to YouTube. In the new video from the vlogger, not only does he pull a fish out of his pond which seems to be struggling to breathe and poking it, but he also tasers two dead rats that are on his balcony.

As Us Weekly reported, in the video, there is a segment that Logan Paul treated as a game titled, “Get These Rats.” In that segment, Paul takes two of his friends out onto the balcony with him where there are two rats that are clearly already dead. He asks his friends whether or not they plan to use weapons against the rats before he pulls out his own weapon, a taser. The vlogger then proceeds to taser one of the bodies before lifting it using the attached taser strands and putting it into the garbage. While his friends seem less than thrilled with the rats in general, Logan Paul tells them that, “no rat comes into my house without getting tased.”

It did not take long for viewers who saw the new video to take to social media to call out Paul for his behavior, pointing out that it does not seem as if he has learned anything after the backlash he faced for posting the video featuring the Japanese man who had apparently committed suicide.Whether it was in the comments section of the YouTube video or on Twitter, people had a lot to say about this latest stunt by Logan Paul.

In the comments section on YouTube, some people who saw the video said that he has gone from exploiting “dead humans, now animals.” Another comment asked him why he would do this, while another said he was back at it again with the dead bodies. Some even said that they were willing to “give him a second chance” but after seeing this new video they felt they had no choice but to actually unsubscribe from his YouTube channel.

Over on Twitter, one user tweeted to Logan Paul calling him out by saying, “you’re basically still not taking everything you did seriously.” Someone else said that he knew that the vlogger was a “garbage human being” whose apologies meant nothing, but with this new video they think it is becoming clear that Paul is unable to even pretend not to be a “sociopath.”

One of the biggest messages on social media that many of the people who have responded to Logan Paul’s newest video have shared, is the idea that not only has the vlogger not learned anything from the earlier backlash he faced, but also that he still has no respect for the dead in general. While it may have just been dead rats that Paul was tasering in his new video, it seems that it has still been enough to spark even more backlash against him in light of his recent behavior.