Fans Wonder About ‘Brother Husbands’: Yes, It Was A Show On TLC

The viewers love Sister Wives and now there is a new show Seeking Sister Wife. Both are about one husband who has more than one wife. This has everyone wondering if there is such a thing as Brother Husbands. This would be where there was one wife and she had several husbands. It turns out that according to In Touch Weekly this was a thing at one time on TLC and of course, people live this lifestyle.

Back in February of 2017, they actually aired a pilot of a show like this, but it didn’t get the ratings they wanted so TLC didn’t pick it up as a series. With so much interest in polygamy that is kind of surprising. On this show, Amanda had two husbands. It was similar to Sister Wives, but of course, just the other way around. They called themselves “co-husbands” though. There are probably families out there that live this lifestyle and do use the term Brother Husbands to describe how they live just not the family that was featured on TLC.

There are people out there that live both lifestyles, but on TLC you don’t get to see both of them. The family that was on Brother Husbands wasn’t doing it for religious reasons. This was just the lifestyle that they had chosen to live. It was actually shocking to them that they decided to do it, but it worked out for them. When it comes to Kody Brown, his family lives this lifestyle for religious reasons and they feel like it is what God would want them to do. So far, none of their children have decided that they want to life that lifestyle and Kody and his wives are okay with that, though. They want the kids to choose their own lifestyle and do whatever works for them.

The fans would love to see the show Brother Husbands become a thing, but for now, it doesn’t look that way. Don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives and Seeking Sister Wife when they air on Sunday nights on TLC. Maybe TLC will decide to try Brother Husbands again or find a new family that might bring in better ratings for them.