Kristen Doute Reveals Whether The ‘Pasta’ Fight With James Kennedy Was Really About Food

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Kristen Doute seems to know a lot about her Vanderpump Rules co-stars even though she’s not around to witness everything. She claimed she knew that Scheana Marie’s boyfriend had cheated on her by kissing another woman. In addition, Kristen speculated that the rumors about her ex-boyfriend, James Kennedy, and his friend Logan were correct. She did believe that James had cheated on his girlfriend and had been with another man. Now, Doute is speaking out about the “pasta” argument between James and Lala Kent. Many speculated that it was about drugs, and that pasta was just a code word to avoid discussing drugs in public.

Now, Doute is speaking out and it sounds like it is indeed just about food. According to a new Bustle report, Kristen Doute is now revealing that Lala and James were indeed just talking about pasta. As it turns out, Doute doesn’t think that there’s any drug-related theme involved in the conversation. While the pasta event wasn’t filming for Vanderpump Rules, Kristen knows that it was about the food because she was there that night. She also offers up her opinion about the pasta in question. Despite being former loves, James and Kristen can be cordial with one another.

“It was about the pasta. I almost ate the pasta — I was there that night, and that pasta was sitting in front of me, too! The angel hair checca is the best. It’s not about cocaine,” she reveals about the whole thing, adding, “James was trying to make some big analogy about Lala taking advantage of his girlfriend’s kindness by eating her food, but you know what? The pasta was going to go to waste. We don’t waste food.”

Kristen Doute doesn’t explain why the conversation was all of a sudden about cocaine. Some tabloids guessed that pasta was a code word for cocaine as if Lala Kent had used James’ girlfriend’s drugs. However, Doute reveals that it was truly about pasta and there was so much food that the group couldn’t eat it. Lala apparently ate some of it and James got mad about it. Perhaps he feels that Lala was disrespectful to just eat his girlfriend’s pasta. Lala and James have both revealed that they are no longer speaking. James has also lost touch with his so-called best friend Logan over rumors that they were sleeping together.

Kristen Doute is currently dating Carter and it sounds like she has finally found someone, who is good for her. With two failed relationships behind her, while filming Vanderpump Rules, it sounds like she’s finally ready to think about the future.