Leah Messer May Be Single But Fans Are Hoping For A Jeremy Calvert Reunion

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images For CMT

Leah Messer is currently focusing on her children, her education and her life in West Virgina. She’s currently filming the newest season of Teen Mom 2 and she has teased that there will be some cringe-worthy moments in the upcoming season. She has asked her fans whether they would be interested in seeing her go on dates. While Messer isn’t interested in settling down and focusing on marriage, her daughters appear to want her back in the dating game. After a rumor surfaced that she may be dating again, Leah shut it down with a series of emojis. She was sending the message that she was clearly not in a relationship.

It sounds like some of her fans are thrilled that she’s not in a committed relationship, as they want to see her back with her ex-husband. Their marriage ended when Leah got depressed and started to struggle with her anxiety. Messer is now doing much better and it sounds like she is happy again. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer‘s fans believe that this would be the ideal time to get back together with Jeremy. However, Messer has already revealed that she doesn’t want to deal with his toxic work environment.

“I really hope you and Jeremy get back together both of you have grown so much. And I feel like now you two are in a better place and know what both of you want. A marriage takes work and I know if you two try hard enough you can make it work out with one another,” Leah Messer’s fan revealed on Instagram on a quote she shared about being confident in yourself and not letting a man build you up.

Previously, Leah Messer has revealed that it is tough for her to deal with Jeremy’s work. He works in different states and he is far away from home, months at a time. This is something that affects Leah’s daughter Adalynn as well, as she doesn’t get to see her father often. On the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Leah suggested that he needed to get out of the toxic work before she would even consider getting back together with him. However, she also hinted that there was no chance of them getting back together. Fans see things differently, as they see a powerful relationship if they can make it work. Now that she’s no longer depressed, Leah could be a hands-on wife and be a great support for Jeremy as he works far away.

Leah Messer is currently single but seems ready to find someone if he is the right fit for her and her children.