Briana DeJesus Appears To Have Deleted Her Twitter Account After Fight With Kailyn Lowry


Update:It appears Briana DeJesus’s Twitter account is now back.

Briana DeJesus joined Teen Mom 2 last season as MTV producers felt that she had a good story to tell. Briana was pregnant with her second child after she slept with a man who ended up cheating on her. While she was willing to give him a chance to prove himself, Briana felt that she had a stronger connection with Javi Marroquin. The two dated for a couple of months, but it sounds like they were too different to make it work. After they split, Briana went off on Javi’s ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, on Twitter, as she didn’t feel comfortable with Lowry and Marroquin getting along. But it sounds like DeJesus has had enough of the Twitter drama, as it appears she has deleted her Twitter account.

If fans search for Briana DeJesus on Twitter, it appears that she has deleted her Twitter account. This comes after her online fighting with Kailyn Lowry, where she accused Kailyn of being fake. It was just five days ago that Briana and Kailyn got into a heated argument about their relations with Javi Marroquin. The Twitter name that Kailyn used in those tweets to write to Briana is no longer active either.

It’s uncertain whether Briana DeJesus said anything before she deleted her account. It’s possible that she continued to get tweets from Teen Mom 2 fans who were not happy with the way she was speaking about Javi and Kailyn. For years, fans have watched them on the show, and there is a sense of loyalty. Plus, Briana has been accused of being desperate for television fame and being a drama queen. DeJesus hasn’t acknowledged these accusations, but she has hinted that she’s coming back to the show if she’s asked. Since Farrah Abraham is rumored to be fired from Teen Mom OG, it’s possible that the producers may shuffle the girls around, so Briana is on the original franchise. If Farrah has indeed been fired, there are three girls filming Teen Mom OG and five girls filming Teen Mom 2.

Briana DeJesus could just be taking a social media break. She has a month to reactive her account before it is deleted permanently from Twitter.