Shannon Elizabeth Voted Most Likely To Win ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ By Former ‘Big Brother’ Mastermind

Noam GalaiGetty Images

Celebrity Big Brother will begin airing tonight. The list of celebrities set to compete against one another is an impressive one, much better than the rumors had suggested. This will be the first celebrity version of Big Brother, but it is a condensed season. Plenty is expected to happen in the house, especially with people like Brandi Glanville, Shannon Elizabeth, and Omarosa Manigault cast to compete.

The excitement leading up to the Celebrity Big Brother premiere night has been sweeping social media. Fans have asked former Big Brother players who they pick to win, and whether or not they will be watching. According to Us Weekly, Shannon Elizabeth is a favorite to win. She is followed closely by Ross Mathews. Both of these celebrities have watched the regular Big Brother game, giving them an advantage over some of the others.

Dan Gheesling is a good go-to person to talk Big Brother with. He has played the game more than once, and he is considered one of the greatest players of all time. Gheesling has Shannon Elizabeth picked for the most likely to win Celebrity Big Brother and Brandi Glanville mentioned as the biggest pot stirrer. He also admitted that he knew she caused drama on RHOBH, which is a pretty big deal among reality fans.

The female contestants from Celebrity Big Brother seem to be carrying an advantage with the former Big Brother players, especially Shannon Elizabeth. There is going to be plenty of drama, and with the shortened season at play, every episode is going to be important. Knowing how the game works is a bonus, but the social game is everything when playing Big Brother. Some of the more vocal celebrities may have a hard time adjusting to that, especially Brandi Glanville and Omarosa Manigault.

Tonight, Celebrity Big Brother will premiere for the first time ever. Big Brother fans are ready to see how this will turn out, especially because if it works, there could be at least two seasons a year. The original version will run again this summer, but for now, fans will get to enjoy celebrities battling it out against one another while locked in a house with no outside communication for two weeks.