Javi Marroquin Bringing Lincoln To Super Bowl Celebration But Fans Fear For His Safety

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Javi Marroquin is excited that his beloved Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super Bowl this year. For weeks, he predicted that the Eagles would win and when they landed in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, he continued to stand firm that his team had a chance to win. When the Eagles scored the final touchdown, Javi knew the team had won and he started buying Super Bowl gear. He also revealed that he was planning on going to the celebratory parade in Philadelphia. But when fans heard that Lincoln would be going with him, some people expressed concern for the little boy’s safety.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now speaking out about his plans to bring Lincoln to the celebratory parade. As it turns out, he’s not worried about his son. He plans on being close to him and holding him, but he wants Lincoln to experience this part of history. He also points out that he plans on taking plenty of photos, so Lincoln can look back on this part of history and remember the Eagles winning the Super Bowl. However, some people were still concerned, pointing to people doing crazy things and drinking beer in public.

I got you.

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“I am so excited for this parade. Really looking forward to taking Lincoln because who knows when the next time there will be another parade. When he gets older we’ll have pictures to look back on,” Javi Marroquin revealed on Twitter, adding later, “Linc will be safe right next to me having a good time. No way I’d let him miss being apart of history.”

It sounds like some fans are concerned that Javi Marroquin may not be able to watch over his son. Perhaps they are basing their concerns on the weekend’s events after the Eagles won the Super Bowl. As soon as the game was over, thousands of people stormed the streets of Philadelphia, causing some issues. On Twitter, people reported that a group of people had rolled over a car. However, it sounds like the parade is indeed family friendly and Javi will have no problem being at the parade with Lincoln. While this may be the first Super Bowl win for the Eagles, it sounds like Marroquin believes that people will behave. Since this is the first parade of its kind in Philadelphia, many parents may bring out their children to the event. Surely, the majority of the people will behave and make it a children-friendly event.

Javi Marroquin is currently filming Teen Mom 2. No word on whether this event will be part of the show.