Ashley Iaconetti Is No Longer A Virgin After ‘Bachelor Winter Games’

Cindy Ord Getty Images

Ashley Iaconetti has always been known as the girl from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise who was a virgin. Reality Steve shared today that Ashley I is no longer a virgin and has found a boyfriend. This all goes down during Bachelor Winter Games.

Ashley I is now with a guy named Kevin, and she reportedly lost her virginity to him. She has been on the show several times, but nobody else was able to get her to go that far. These two are actually a couple now and together. Ashley has been to Toronto to see him and he has spent time with her in California. Steve even shared that after the show is done airing, they have plans to spend an entire month together. That much time together will help them decide if they are meant to be together.

According to Reality Steve, during the tell-all special, they will try to get Kevin to admit that he is in love with her, but that may not be the case. Kevin is from Season 1 of the Canada version of The Bachelorette. It turns out that this season, Bibiana is also interested in Kevin, but he ends up with Ashley I on the show. Steve says that Kevin isn’t as into Ashley as she is to him, but hopefully, that ends up changing. Ashley has been through a lot on this franchise over the years.

The other big thing is that Ashley I and Kevin end up winning the show, but they don’t give away a prize or anything to the winner. Everyone can’t wait to see how things end up with these two. So far, so good, but you know if he ends up breaking her heart, Ashley is going to lash out. Steve heard that he actually joined the show in hopes of being able to be cast as The Bachelor, but now that he is with Ashley I, that might not happen for him.

You will not want to miss watching Bachelor Winter Games when it airs the next few weeks on ABC. This show will only last a couple of weeks. It will air every Tuesday and Thursday for two weeks.