‘One Piece’ Chapter 894 Spoilers: Luffy Activates Gear 4th Snake Man During Clash With Katakuri

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One Piece Chapter 894 is yet to be officially released but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter will feature the continuation of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. Will Luffy’s new technique help him completely defeat one of Big Mom’s sweet commander?

In the spoiler posted at One Piece Forum, One Piece Chapter 894 will start with the flashback of Luffy’s training with Silvers Rayleigh. While trying to improve Luffy’s Observation Haki, Rayleigh often caught him eating their food rations. Luffy’s naughtiness and lack of focus pissed Rayleigh off, making him decide to blindfold Strawhat and hit him with a bat coated with Armament Haki.

After taking a direct hit, Luffy was able to sense the anger on Rayleigh’s attack. He explained that Observation Haki enables the user to unconsciously sense the emotions of living things. People who mastered the Observation Haki are able to slightly predict the future.

This means that Katakuri possessed a strong Observation Haki, and as the previous chapter of One Piece showed, Luffy is already on his way of mastering the technique. Back to their battle, the Strawhat Pirates captain managed to dodge Katakuri’s attack, and they ended up exchanging blows. Luffy took Katakuri’s arm, but with the help of his devil fruit power, the sweet commander grew it back.

The epic battle between two strong pirates concluded with Luffy suffering a massive defeat. Katakuri asked him if that is all Luffy has. As he struggles to stand, Luffy confidently tells Katakuri that he will end the fight. The future Pirate King will finally use his new technique — Gear 4th Snake Man.

Aside from the fight between Luffy and Katakuri, One Piece Chapter 894 will also feature Capone Bege, Charlotte Chiffon, and the Tank Pirates, who are holding the wedding cake and being chased by Big Mom. They are already close to reaching Liquer Island, but Chiffon ordered them to head to Fluffy Island instead.

Chiffon explained that if they take Big Mom to Fluffy Island where they will finally let her eat the wedding cake, the Strawhat Pirates are already far enough to escape when Big Mom regains her senses. As of now, the lady Yonko doesn’t look good and continues to get skinny.

Meanwhile, the Strawhat Pirates are barely avoiding the attacks of the Big Mom Pirates. Carrot is finally awake and asked if Luffy already defeated Katakuri. Instead of answering her question, Chopper asked her if Nekomamushi and Inuarashi can also use the Sulong transformation.

One Piece Chapter 894 also featured a scene of Sanji and Lady Pudding. Pudding informed Sanji that their military and the naval units are all ready to take down Luffy once he comes out of the Mirror World. Most of Big Mom’s sons and daughters gathered in the location, showing how much they see Luffy as a threat. Instead of being concerned, Sanji told Pudding that Luffy will definitely come to save him.

One Piece Chapter 894 is coming out soon.