Melania Trump’s ‘Revenge’ Is Red-Flagged And Applauded, According To ‘Mercury News’

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The latest reports suggest that Melania Trump is not able to hide all the signs of an unraveling marriage while in the public eye. It is hard to do this when cameras are fixated on you the minute you walk out the door with the president as your spouse.

People are pointing to her alleged line of defense while out in public. They are giving examples like the swish of Melania’s hand to avoid her husband’s touch or the way she wears her coats like a cape. Donning her coat like a cape gives her more of a shield-like ensemble against unwanted hand-holding, suggest some folks online.

“I have realized that Melania wears her coats draped over her shoulders because it makes it impossible for Donald to hold her hand,” writes one Twitter user.

Across social media, people believe they are seeing Melania Trump reacting to those reports she’s had to endure regarding Trump’s alleged infidelity. Whether they are true or not, it has thrown Melania into a spotlight that is seen as humiliating.

Mercury News reports how comments have been made about her proximity from Donald Trump while in public as one of the many signs that are like a red flag allegedly indicating that something has gone wrong with their marriage. Just as noticeable as these red flags are, the number of people who are giving her kudos for their perception of Melania giving the bum’s rush to her husband of 12 years.

The behavior that Melania Trump is demonstrating in public after the humiliating rumors emerged about her husband is working to put the image of a first lady in a good light, according to the New York Times.

The outlet writes, “She may not be progressive. She may not be political. And yet Mrs. Trump may end up doing more than any of her predecessors to upend our expectations of the slavish devotion a first lady must display toward her husband.”

Melania and Donald Trump
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From early on in the Trump presidency, people have been red-flagging Melania’s behaviors around her husband and suggesting she was a bit standoffish when it came to public displays of affection. This became even more noticeable after reports of an alleged Trump affair with adult film star Stormy Fields, suggests Mercury News.


“Given the humiliation that Melania may have suffered” by the highly-publicized allegations involving Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels, questions have emerged. It seems that Trump’s critics, like Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report, have “wondered if the first lady’s moves have been subtle but highly public acts of revenge.”


People have suggested on social media that Melania should just get a divorce, but a new report from Hollywood Life claims that won’t happen anytime soon. According to their source, Melania will not get a divorce while Trump is in office, as her main concern is her son, Barron.

Melania won’t do anything to upset the Trump family at this time, and she is putting all her focus on Barron. She has said from her first interviews with the press that Barron will always come first. This is where the “subtle but highly public acts of revenge” are said to come in.

It seems that while Melania isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, she has “no problem making Donald feel her wrath,” according to Hollywood Life. They too are reporting the suggestions that Melania is wearing her coats over her shoulders these days — giving her a place to retreat when her husband makes a move to hold her hand.

This was seen in a recent public appearance when Melania wore a red coat much like you would a cape and it was even more noticeable when Melania donned a yellow coat in the same over-the-shoulder fashion. In one picture, Trump is seen attempting to hold Melania’s hand and she appears to swipe her hand away, leaving him grabbing the edge of her coat instead.

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From her last-minute cancelation for the Switzerland trip with her husband to her recently walking ahead of her other-half on a few occasions, people see Melania Trump as subtly rebelling. There doesn’t seem to be a soul telling her to remember her place as a FLOTUS, much like a first lady would be told decades ago.

The New York Times suggests how “first ladies are expected to accept their husband’s infidelities and cruelty and to remain their strongest champions, no matter what the circumstances.” They cite Lady Bird Johnson as an example of what a First Lady endured.

Lyndon Johnson was known to be “downright mean to his wife,” Lady Bird. According to the Times, Johnson was known for “upbraiding her in public and comparing her with women he found more beautiful.” Despite that humiliation, Lady Bird stood by him portraying the adoring wife.

Hillary Clinton gave the most modern day version of “stand by your man,” suggests the New York Times article. They recall how regardless of Hillary’s own hurt and humiliation, she gave the president the photo op that he desperately needed at the time.

According to the Times, it was the day after President Clinton testified before a grand jury and “came clean to the country” about his relationship with Monica Lewinski.

“Mrs. Clinton marched across the South Lawn together with Bill, their daughter, Chelsea, standing between them, holding both of her parents’ hands, as they headed for Marine One to embark on their annual summer vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.”

Melania Trump may or may not be distancing herself from her husband as people are suggesting. With that said, the people who see her as someone who is attempting a subtle revenge seem to be behind her for not falling into that old way of first lady thinking. The days of Lady Bird Johnson and Hillary Clinton are gone and from what many folks are seeing from Melania today, it doesn’t look as if they will be coming back anytime soon.