February 7, 2018
Jeremy Vuolo Praised For Ministry As Pregnant Jinger Duggar Hides Baby Bump From Duggar Family Fans

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have captured the attention of the Duggar family fans when they announced that they are expecting their first baby. Pregnancy happened more than a year after their wedding, which is delayed compared to the other Duggar couples. Now that they are pregnant, Jeremy Vuolo has thrown himself into work at his church and Jinger Duggar has drawn away from the public eye.

As the pastor of Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, Jeremy Vuolo has been working hard to foster a sense of fellowship and community in his organization. While he only has been there for a little over a year, he is committed to doing good in the town.

Recently, he was praised for the work that he was doing with the Christians in Texas. He posted a picture of him conducting a baptism with an older man on his Instagram. This got many of the Counting On fans excited and they wrote just how much they appreciate having him as a part of the Duggar family.

"What an amazing pastor Jeremy is," a fan commented. "What a beautiful moment it is when someone decides to be baptized."

"Loved the live video and message on Saturday," another wrote. "Hope you do those more often! Have a great week Jeremy and Jinger!"

"I hope someday to visit the church where you and Jinger minister," another noted.

This post prompted others to share their baptism stories.

"Love this! Being baptized was the single most important decision I've ever made with the second being marrying my sweet husband," one fan shared. "Jesus is so good! Praise God we can be made new by accepting His grace and love in our lives through baptism."

While Jeremy is posting regularly on his account, Jinger has stopped updating on her life. The last pictures he uploaded was with her sister, Jill Duggar's family when they came to visit her in Texas.

So far, Jinger Duggar has only given one proper update on her baby bump, right when she was at 15 weeks. This post made it possible for the Duggar family fans to deduce her baby due date.

"If Jinger is 15 weeks now, she has approximately 25 more weeks to go," a fan wrote on Jeremy's Facebook. "That means she is due around July 20th. the day after my 38th wedding anniversary and 5 days after my 56th birthday. Congratulations Jeremy and Jinger!"

So far, the pregnancy has not stopped them from traveling as much as they did in the early days of their marriage. Right after her baby announcement, Jinger flew to Georgia to attend a G3 Conference with her husband.

Right now, the 24-year-old Duggar is in her 17th week of pregnancy. It has been two weeks since she gave an update to her fans on her baby bump.