Britney Spears Stuns In Red Lingerie On Instagram, But Her Photo And Son’s Video Get Mixed Reactions

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Britney Spears has done it again, and there’s even an “oops” when it comes to the reactions from fans. The popular songstress, famed for pop music tunes such as “Oops!… I Did It Again,” has been baring her body more frequently on Instagram in outfits such as bikinis. This time around, Spears decided to go for an early Valentine’s Day theme with red lingerie. But Britney got mixed reactions with both her photo and several videos, including one clip that focused on one of her sons playing the piano. Spears’ youngsters are ages 11 and 12.

Britney Spears Compares Son To Famous Composer Mozart

Admitting that she is a “proud mom,” Spears shared the video on Instagram showing one of her children playing the piano at their home. The 36-year-old songstress boasted about him to her fans.

“Never had a lesson a day in his life. My baby is like a lil Mozart.”

While Britney was eager to boast about her boy, she also protected his privacy. Spears filmed the video so that it was not clear whether it was her older son Sean or her younger son Jayden James, pointed out the Daily Mail.

Both boys are the offspring of Britney’s second husband, Kevin Federline, to whom she was married from 2004 to 2007. Spears previously had a short marriage to Jason Allen Alexander.

Britney Spears posted several videos and photos to Instagram, but got mixed reactions from her fans.
Britney Spears posted several videos and photos to Instagram, but got mixed reactions from her fans.Featured image credit: Chris PizzelloInvision/AP Images

Britney revealed that her son sat down at the piano and began to play without any instruction from her. She confessed that she began to cry with pride over her “little Mozart.” While some fans were impressed, others joked about Spears’ comparison of her son to the famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who started writing music at age four.

“Sometimes if I eat a heavy meal I can burp the national anthem,” joked one Instagram fan.

Others expressed doubt that Spears knew exactly who Mozart was, while one suggested that her son might have a future as a rapper.

“Lil Mozart will be his rap name in a few years.”

Some thought Britney might want to invest in a few lessons for her youngster, contending that the little boy isn’t quite up to Mozart’s standard yet. Others, however, thought that Britney’s son might follow in her musical footsteps. In addition to Spears’ successful singing career as an adult, Britney became famous as a child for her role on the Mickey Mouse Club.

Britney Spears’ Fans Think She Used Photoshop For Stunning Instagram Pic

While Spears’ son came in for his share of criticism, it was light compared to some of the slams that Britney got when she posted a photo in which she wore red lingerie.

Pop Culture pointed out that Britney used photo filters to achieve an “angelic” look to her Instagram photo. But some fans thought they detected the use of Photoshop to create Spears’ toned body.

“This is the most airbrushed picture I have ever seen in my life.”

Others alleged that Britney had plastic surgery, claiming that her face looked noticeably different.

“She looks like a completely different person,” claimed one disappointed fan.

In addition to mixed reactions for the video of her son playing the piano and her red lingerie, Spears baffled some fans with an Instagram video in which she tried to assume a British accent, pointed out the Sun.

In response to Britney with cat ears and a kitty nose talking in a British accent, fans complained that their idol was “creeping me out a bit!” But others called her the “queen,” expressing love for Spears. And then there were those who couldn’t quite figure out what Britney was saying.

“Why…what…confusion,” summed up one bewildered fan.