David Vincent Akins: Texas Man Who Filmed Rape Of 3-Month-Old Baby Given Four Consecutive Life Sentences

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David Vincent Akins is headed to prison for the rest of this life — four times over — after being convicted of filming the rape of a 3-month-old child and raping a number of other young children.

The Texas man was sentenced this week to four consecutive life sentences for the horrific crimes, including four counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. The case has generated national headlines for the shocking nature of the crimes and the heavy-handed sentence, with news outlets across the country covering the trial’s conclusion.

As Fox 4 News reported, Akins was originally arrested in 2016 after a former landlord found child pornography on the man’s computer. The case grew even more grim from there, with police also finding that Akins had made his own explicit home videos of sex acts with a newborn baby that was as young as one month old.

The report did not make it clear if David Vincent Akins sexually assaulted the infant himself, but other victims testified that the man had raped them when they were young children, with the youngest victim just 3 years old.

During the sentencing phase of Akins’ trial, five of his former victims came forward to tell the court the damage he inflicted on them. One of the victims was his own sister.

“Akins went to juvenile detention when he was 14 years old for raping his 5-year-old sister,” Mary Nan Huffman, chief of the Internet Crimes Against Children Division in the district attorney’s office, told the Courier. “And when that happened, his other sister came forward with sexual assault allegations stating he had raped her since she was 3 years old. Both sisters testified during this trial, which was very powerful.”


After he was released from juvenile incarcerations for raping his sisters, David Vincent Akins continued his predatory behavior, Dallas News reported. Prosecutors said he was manipulative and careful in targeting his victims, often seeking out single mothers to make it easier to abuse their children.

When the trial ended, Akins thanked the court for being fair and even apologized to members of the jury for having to watch the video of the infant being sexually assaulted, the Dallas News reported.

After his conviction, David Vincent Akins will have no chance of release again. His four life sentences will run consecutively and he has no chance of parole.