‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Live Action Fan Film Arrives Online [Video]

Sonic The Hedgehog

A live-action version of the iconic video game Sonic the Hedgehog has emerged online. The 18-minute clip was reportedly put together by a group of independent filmmakers who seem to have a strong affinity for the character.

Crafted by the New York-based production company Blue Core Studios, the short film gives Sonic fans a chance to see how the little guy would work in a live-action setting. The movie combines real actors with computer-generated images.

The plot doesn’t stray too far from the video game series on which it’s based. Sonic is charged with putting an end to the evil Dr. Robotnik’s sinister domination of the world. Now that the entire planet is until his robotic control, it’s up to the little blue hero to save the day once again.

According to the description of the video over at YouTube, the short film was directed by Eddie Lebron. Champions of the previously-released Mega Man fan fick are already well-versed in the filmmaker’s work. Although the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action fan film has its own strengths, Mega Man is probably the strongest of the two ventures.

According to EuroGamer, Eddie Lebron and Blue Core Studios’ endeavor has reportedly found its way into the hands of Sonic creator Yuji Naka. The designer took to the micro-blogging website Twitter to express his feelings about the project.

In addition to sharing the video with his followers, Naka said the film was “awesome.”

Cinema Blend explains that Sonic himself is voiced by former Family Matters star Jaleel White, also known as the lovable nerd Steve Urkel. Fans of the cartoon series are already well-versed in the actor’s work; White provided the voice for Sonic for that project as well.

You can check out the 18-minute fan film below.

What do you think of the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie? Would you pay to see a full-length version?