Kim Kardashian In Throwback Bikini Pic Via Paris Hilton And Outdated Technology

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There are a few stories coming out of a dated scantily-clad bikini picture of Kim Kardashian that was recently posted on Instagram. The picture, which was taken over a decade ago, shows a much more natural looking Kim Kardashian before he extreme hair and makeup techniques were applied that are often seen in her photo shots today.

This picture captures Kim long before Kanye West was her other half and years before the thought of starting a Kardashian-West family was lurking. While this picture is much tamer than Kim’s recent naked selfies, it does show off that famous hour-glass shape that is part of what has made Kim Kardashian a brand.

The picture was taken back in 2007 by her then best friend Paris Hilton, which is what Kim offers up in the caption. Most people have heard a parent or older adult share that back-in-the-day story when they had to walk a mile to school or do something else that was strenuous, unlike how kids have it today. It seems Kim has joined that group, but with a spin on the old take.

Kim seems to have captured a modern-day version of a back-in-the-day story by commenting that the picture was taken on her “Blackberry.” During that time period, they had to use a Blackberry, unlike the kids of today. It is not known if she has added that bit of information to convey just how long ago the picture was taken or to demonstrate how a great shot can come out of a piece of such outdated technology.

2007 pic taken on my blackberry by @parishilton

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In her throwback picture, Kim is reclined on a yacht shading her eyes with those big sunglasses and sunning herself in that tiny white bikini in the Instagram post above.

The Metro offers another take on a possible reason for Kim posting this bikini pick that has to do with her timing of the post. They suggest that while sister Kylie Jenner was announcing her new baby’s name, “Kim decided to post a bikini-clad flashback to Instagram to rake in those sweet likes.”

This throwback photo was taken at a time before Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook became the go-to places to get your fill of celebrity pics. So the Metro suggests that Kim had “her thirst trap skills on lock” even before Instagram existed.


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Paris Hilton saw the picture and apparently it was a good time for her as well, which is relayed in her comment on the post. Paris wrote, “Such a fun girls trip!” According to the Metro, there seems to be a reboot of the friendship between Kim and Paris these days. It looks like Paris has stayed close friends with Kris Jenner, Kim’s mom, as Paris posted the picture below of the two of them recently.

#GirlsNight with @KrisJenner. ❤️????????????????❤️

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Kim and Paris reportedly had a falling out a few years back after being really close friends for a long time. It seems Kim’s fame outgrew being a sidekick to Paris as well as her assistant and they drifted apart. Kim Kardashian’s fame became a full-time job and today she is “one of the most famous reality stars in the world.”