Savannah Guthrie Dishes On Matt Lauer, Working With Hoda Kotb On ‘Today’

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb have been slaying the morning ratings, putting Today back on top. Yet, she is still asked about Matt Lauer, along with the improved viewership since Lauer was fired due to inappropriate sexual behavior.

Speaking to USA Today ahead of the big 10-day NBC Olympic newscast, Savannah Guthrie was asked what was “going through her mind” when Matt Lauer was fired.

Guthrie explained that like the regular Today viewers, she was shocked. She revealed that she had a “really great and close relationship” with her former co-anchor and confessed it was hard to get through “something like that.”

Since Matt Lauer left Today, her focus has been on being as real as possible.

“We all try to keep our eye on the ball and try to manage this the best we can, with compassion and integrity and truth and honesty and authenticity, and that’s all I know how to do. I hope we are succeeding.”

Apparently, they are “succeeding,” as this is the first time in over five years that Today has beaten Good Morning America in the ratings.

However, Savannah Guthrie clearly does not take their viewers for granted. She explained that when Hoda replaced Lauer, ratings were not important. Instead, the Today viewers were. She explained that when she joined the crew, this was after the “golden age” when Today dominated viewership with 15 solid years at the top, and Matt Lauer was a huge part of that astounding success.

Now, she and Hoda Kotb are working together, having fun, and telling great stories. Their easy relationship is a pleasure onscreen.

Guthrie is just so grateful that so many viewers were willing to stand by both of them during the “heart-wrenching time” following Matt Lauer’s downfall. She felt it was so “heartfelt” and made them feel “good” to receive such unexpected support.

The demise of Lauer has become an unexpected career boost for Guthrie. Within six weeks of Matt Lauer’s shocking departure from the Today show, the Inquisitr reported that Guthrie’s pal Libby Leist has replaced Today executive producer Don Nash, a Lauer “ally.”

According to Page Six, not everyone at NBC News is happy about this change, with insiders claiming that Guthrie’s “bestie” Libby Leist’s promotion was more of a “power grab.” Today employees were given the impression that this sort of action ended with the firing of Matt Lauer, yet it appears that the office politics have not appeared to have changed at NBC.

According to Variety, Leist is the “first female executive producer to lead the first two hours of the show.” Libby Leist is focused on getting the “best guests” and watching what the other broadcasters are doing.

Leist claims that viewers will continue to tune in because the Guthrie-Kotb team “have huge hearts, and they are hilarious.”

Savannah Guthrie insists that the focus remains on the “story.”

“We are just focused on doing a job, and looking to have great stories to tell.”