LeBron James Allegedly Cusses Out Cleveland Bosses, One-Year Retirement Possible Says Sports Show Host

Gregory ShamusGetty Images

If rumors are true, the relationship between LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers management hit an all-time low after an alleged heated team meeting. To make matters worse, a well-known sports personality thinks James will take a one-year hiatus from the NBA come next season.

In the team meeting held in late January during which some players pointed accusing fingers at Kevin Love for supposedly faking an illness, James apparently had some choice words to say to team executives. According to Jason Lloyd of the Athletic and as retold by Bleacher Report, James cursed at a couple of Cavaliers executives during the meeting.

Why things supposedly got this bad for James and the Cavaliers may be blamed on how the franchise handled the situations with former general manager David Griffin and guard Kyrie Irving.

James was not happy when owner Dan Gilbert let Griffin walk away from the Cavaliers. Griffin was not fired from his post but was never given a contract extension, citing differences of opinion.

Griffin was replaced by Koby Altman though Gilbert reportedly has taken over basketball decisions. This means James has no say regarding the team and this does not sit well with the franchise player, which is likely since James apparently has “no relationship” with Gilbert.

In fact, according to Lloyd, the Cavs “have been noticeably pivoting away from James’ recommendations.” James apparently wanted management to keep Irving but they gave in to the latter’s trade request.

Colin Cowherd, the controversial sports show host for Fox Sports, is adding fuel to the fire by saying LeBron may retire after this season because he’s “bored” and “a little burned out.”

“LeBron’s been the most talked about guy for 14 years,” Cowherd said. “In the East, where Goran Dragic, if he was in your living room, you wouldn’t notice him, is an All-Star in the East. Where John Wall leaves the Wizards, and they’re better without him. Folks, is it possible we could scale back a little on LeBron and say, he’s bored, and a little fried?”

“I think the percentages are low on this, but I don’t think it’s a 100 percent off the board that LeBron would retire for one year to recalibrate.”

Cowherd went on to compare James to NBA legend Michael Jordan. He indicated Jordan retired from the NBA twice at a time social media was basically nonexistent (Friendster was launched in 2002 while Jordan retired in 2003). The reason, Cowherd claims, was because Jordan was burned out. James, meanwhile, has been an easy target because of social media, which explains why LeBron is a bit tired and may want to take a one-year hiatus from the game.

Despite the current situation James and the rest of the Cavaliers are in, LeBron has already indicated he will stay and finish the season in Cleveland, as ESPN reported. He did not say anything, however, about his plans after the season.

Speculations were high LeBron was considering a move to Los Angeles with the Lakers, his supposed primary target. Recent reports, however, say the Lakers are no longer planning to pursue James and are looking to make more substantial moves in 2019. For now, James is a Cavalier and will remain so until he signs elsewhere or decides to take a break.