Woman Is Shocked When She Sees Her Neighbor’s Welsh Corgi Riding Her Pony At Night

Sue OgrockiAP Images

It’s the kind of story that you would never believe if it wasn’t caught on video. Callie Schenker of Bolivar, Missouri, came home after dark one night to find her neighbor’s Welsh Corgi sitting on her one-eyed pony, Cricket. Schenker knew she had to capture it, and the friendship between Cricket the pony and the neighbor’s Corgi has gone viral.

Watch The Video Of The Welsh Corgi Riding Cricket The Pony

The New York Daily News says that the owners of the Corgi likely don’t know that their cattle-herding dog is famous because they are Mennonite and don’t go online. The video is just 15 seconds but it clearly shows the Corgi sitting on Cricket the pony and then trotting off into the night.

Callie Schenker took the video and posted it on Facebook.

“I can’t make this stuff up!!! So we pull back in our driveway tonight and this is what we see. This is not our dog! But apparently him and Cricket the one-eyed wonder pony are best friends. I’m stealing the dog, new circus act!”

As of this morning, the video of the neighbor Corgi and Cricket the one-eyed pony had gotten more than 5 million views on Facebook. Callie Schenker says that she’s unsure whether this is a regular thing with the Corgi and her pony or if the Corgi just decided to ride Cricket that night.


The Neighbor Corgi Riding Cricket The Pony Is Like Corgiville Fair

A Corgi riding another animal has to remind Corgi enthusiasts of the children’s book Corgiville Fair by Tasha Tudor. In the book, Caleb Corgi trains his goat, Josephine, so that the two can compete in the race at the Corgiville Fair.

“In Corgiville, as in many small towns all over America, the biggest event of the year is the fair. And the most exciting thing at the Corgiville Fair is the goat race! Caleb Corgi has spent months training his goat, Josephine, for the big event. But Edgar Tomcat’s goat is fast, too, and Caleb knows that Edgar is not above indulging in some dirty tricks in order to win.”

In the book, Caleb Corgi is dressed like a character in Peter Rabbit with a little jacket and no pants, while other Corgis in the story are wearing dresses and hats.

The Owner Of Cricket The Pony Says That Neither Cricket Nor The Corgi Were Hurt

Callie Schenker says she has seen the Corgi before as she likes to wander the rural area to visit, says the Riverfront Times. Schenker has been flooded with questions about Cricket the pony and the neighbor Corgi. Most people wanted to make sure that neither the pony nor the Corgi got hurt, while others asked if Schenker put the Corgi on Cricket for the video.

“The dog didn’t get hurt! No, the dog is not abused at his home, he just likes to travel the rural area we live. Cricket is fine, he lost his eye a long time ago in an incident that had nothing to do with the dog! I DID not put the dog on the pony! Honestly, I was pulling in my driveway from going to Mcdonalds when I saw this happening. I’m lucky I even got the video because my phone was nearly dead. I didn’t have any intentions of his video being viral. I just posted a funny video I thought my friends would enjoy. I’m glad everyone got a good laugh out of this.”

Schenker says the Corgi, who she believes is named Roper, has even entered her home on occasion through her doggie door to get a snack.