Mariah Carey Weight Loss: Diva Faces New Critics For Dropping 30 Pounds After Being Fat-Shamed

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It seems that Mariah Carey just can’t do anything right in the eyes of her critics. One minute she was being fat-shamed for gaining a couple of pounds, the next minute the “Heartbreaker” singer is being judged for her decision to shed off the excess weight.

The 47-year-old singer and songwriter is certainly not one to shy away from flaunting her enviable curves. However, Mariah Carey has obviously gained weight over the years and she has been body-shamed over it. Instead of being depressed about it, the “Queen of Christmas” made an effort to bring back her slimmer figure.

Although Mariah Carey never really stopped wearing her usual revealing outfits, the “We Belong Together” songstress surprised everyone that she had undergone weight loss surgery last year. The star had gastric sleeve surgery that helped her achieve her new body transformation.

Unfortunately, not all people are happy with Mariah Carey’s decision. The “Always Be My Baby” hitmaker didn’t only have to deal with trolls who body-shamed her for gaining weight, but she is also now facing a lot of judgment after dropping 30 pounds through surgery.

Many were appalled that Mariah Carey had to go under the knife even though her excess weight could be shed off through diet and exercise, as reported by Revelist.

One fan said that “it’s absolutely crazy Mariah Carey got gastric sleeve surgery but it’s even more shameful the doctor would perform the surgery on a woman who is not morbidly obese.” Another commenter, who claimed to be a surgical nurse, said that the diva was not a perfect candidate for gastric bypass, sleeves, and other bariatric procedures.

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Although these comments made a lot of sense, since Mariah Carey’s weight at the time wasn’t really critical for her health, these comments are the exact reason why the singer decided to have the surgery in the first place. Not only was she uncomfortable with her weight gain, but she also felt scrutinized by people, which led her to go through gastric sleeve surgery.

Despite all her critics, Mariah Carey appears to be happy and content in her recent appearances.

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