February 6, 2018
Kylie Jenner Reveals Baby Stormi's Last Name And Whether Her Daughter Is A Jenner Or Not

Kylie Jenner recently gave birth to a baby girl named Stormi. The reality TV star and lip kit mogul managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for the entire nine months and revealed that she had given birth to a healthy baby girl this Sunday evening.

The cosmetics queen was reported to have been in a troubled relationship with the father of her little one, Travis Scott, as the pair only got together mere weeks after she broke up with her ex, Tyga. Although the couple is all smiles in the touching tribute video Kylie Jenner made to Stormi and put up on YouTube, it is constantly being reported that the pair is fighting.

Due to these speculations, fans wondered if Kylie Jenner's baby, Stormi, would be taking her famous mother's name or her dad's name.

Kylie Jenner posted earlier today that she had named her baby Stormi. Kris Jenner, her momager, posted on social media that she "loved her granddaughter Stormi," solving the mystery of whether or not that was actually the child's name.

The lip kit mogul, however, has updated the snap to include the baby's surname and give the speculation a rest. The baby's name will be Stormi Webster. For those confused, Travis Scott is a pseudonym for the rapper, and his real last name is Webster.

It is reported that Kylie Jenner isn't planning on selling any photos of Stormi and will reveal her on her own social media. However, as the Kardashian-Jenner family are keen businesswomen, it is hard to say whether or not she'll keep to her word.

Kylie Jenner was reported to have been in hiding due to a "massive" weight gain, but conflicting reports state that the reality star was afraid of being judged for being a young mother. Sources say that Kylie is very sensitive and didn't want to hear about it from others.

She also wasn't too keen on having constant media speculation about her pregnancy, so she decided to keep the entire thing under wraps.

Fans are convinced that she had those around her sign non-disclosure agreements to the tune of several million dollars in order to keep her friends quiet.