Who Went Home On ‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Episode 6? [Spoilers]


The players on The Challenge: Vendettas were gasping for air tonight, as the suspicion was high with secret notes being written. It was a guys’ elimination week on The Challenge Season 31, but who went home on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight? Find out the Episode 6 results from tonight below in our The Challenge spoilers.

Last week on The Challenge Season 31, the Troika finally made their decision, and it was Britni, Melissa, and Kayleigh nominated for the week. The three ladies sat down with the Troika to defend themselves and it ended up being Melissa selected to go against Sylvia in the Elimination Challenge. This was a very intense challenge, as both ladies were going hard. In the end, Sylvia pulled out the victory, which meant that Melissa was eliminated.

Real Life Game of Clue

In one of the bedrooms, there was a note left on Britni’s bed saying that while she is gone, the girls in the room talk bad about her. Shane was sleeping on the floor next to the room, so he heard someone in flip flops drop the note off, but did not see them. Jemmye and Veronica are not happy about the note, but this turned into a game of Clue, trying to figure out who wrote the note. The suspects were Shane, Jemmye, Cara Maria, and Marie, as they are the only ones that normally go into the room.


The Challenge

Natalie and Sylvia were not at this challenge, as they both got very sick with fevers. Because of that, Sylvia’s grenade is a dud and she did not get to use it. For the challenge, it is called “Gasping for Air” and it took place at night. They went out into the ocean and were divided into four teams. There were two yachts that were 150 feet apart with a rope connecting them. The players had to go 15 feet down and move a ring along the rope from one yacht to the other. The team that moved the rings the farthest in the quickest amount of time would be named the winners.



All of the teams competed, but the winning team was Tony, Johnny Bananas, Zach, Kailah, and Kyle. For winning, they got to split $25,000. The top three from the winning team were Tony, Bananas, and Kyle, so they formed the Troika this week. The losing team was Nelson, Brad, Kam, Kayleigh, and Marie. This was a guys’ elimination week on The Challenge: Vendettas, so the losers had to vote either Nelson or Brad right into the Elimination Challenge. They voted in Brad.


The Troika

We got to see Tony, Johnny Bananas, and Kyle meet to discuss the nominees this week. They were all over the place on this one. It ended up being Shane, Devin, and Victor nominated, which shocked most of the players.

The Inquisition

Johnny Bananas was basically running the show on this Troika. Tony even said that Bananas is Michael Jordan, as he is Scottie Pippen and Kyle is Dennis Rodman, even though he has no clue who Rodman is. Shane was trying to deflect the attention from him and onto Victor and Devin wanting Bananas gone.

Drinks and Drama

Everyone headed out to the club for some drinking. Kayleigh and Bananas were flirting, which could cause drama later on, as Nelson really likes Kayleigh and Bananas is his vendetta. Then Victor tried to work his magic with Bananas and keep himself safe this week. Shane saw this, so he confronted Victor about their conversation and accused Victor of kissing everyone’s butt.

Elimination Challenge

It was time for the Troika to vote on the player that would take on Brad in the Elimination Challenge on The Challenge: Vendettas. However, that vote will take place next week and no one was sent home tonight.

The Challenge: Vendettas airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.