Brand New Disney MagicBand Designs And Colors Are Coming: Princess Dooney, Peter Pan, Black Panther [Photos]

February is going to be quite the exciting month if you're a MagicBand collector as there are a number of new colors and designs coming out, and you won't want to miss any of them. These new MagicBands are great for anyone visiting Walt Disney World or even if you just feel like wearing them as a fashion statement. At least after this month, you'll have the ability to wear The Lion King, Ariel, Oogie Boogie, Black Panther, and Princess Dooney.

In the last few months, two brand new MagicBand colors were added to the solids and they were black and Millennial Pink. Now, there are a couple of other new colors being added to the mix, but nothing solid as of yet.

Also, for those wondering, the black and Millennial Pink have not yet been added to the options for Walt Disney World vacation packages. Even though purple eventually made it into the list of choices, there is no guarantee that those two will ever be thrown into those options.

As reported by the Disney Parks blog, the first new color is a navy blue, which is the background of a Peter Pan MagicBand as it celebrates its 65th anniversary this month. It is set to hit stores on Feb. 9, 2018, and it is already available online for $22.99 plus tax.

The second new color is a cream color, which will be a limited edition and imprinted with a new Dooney & Bourke design. It will hit store shelves in a cool miniature suitcase; it will only be available in the parks at a cost of $48 plus tax.

For Marvel fans, there is also an awesome Black Panther MagicBand which will hit stores on Feb. 16, and that happens to be the same day the movie lands in theaters. It will retail for $32.99 plus tax and is limited to only 2,500.

The next new MagicBand design is another in the Dooney & Bourke collection, and it will be released at the 10th Disney Princess Half Marathon. Guests can pick up this unique MagicBand for $48 plus tax at the marathon expo beginning on Feb. 22, but let it be known that there are only 500 of them.Along with those MagicBands, there will be an orange band themed to The Lion King and a blue one for The Little Mermaid. Let's not forget that there will also be a red Nightmare Before Christmas and a glow-in-the-dark Oogie Boogie MagicBand coming out as well.

All four of those bands will be available online on Feb. 12 and in stores on Feb. 16.

February is going to be quite the busy month at Walt Disney World with guests visiting for Mardi Gras, cheerleading competitions, the Princess Half, and Presidents Day weekend. Lots of guests will be heading to the parks and now they'll have plenty of new MagicBand colors and designs to pick up. The Dooney & Bourke, Disney Princess, Nightmare Before Christmas, Peter Pan, and Black Panther are only a few of them, but they're all worth buying.