Melania Trump Was Not Arrested For High Treason [Debunked]

First Lady Melania Trump has not been arrested for treason, in spite of a satire website claiming she was arrested. The website named Breaking Burgh describes itself as a satirical blog that serves western Pennsylvania and beyond, but the hundreds of folks sharing the article named “First Lady Melania Trump Arrested For High Treason” on Facebook might not realize the article isn’t true. The about page of the website describes that the content on the website is indeed satire – a special note written for those who read too quickly – and urges those who are misled by the headlines to put their lawyers back in their pockets.

As seen on Facebook, the story about Melania allegedly being arrested has been shared hundreds of times in a span of two hours, so it appears to be one satirical story with legs. The fake article claimed that Melania was arrested at the White House on Tuesday, February 6, for the crime of treason. It went on to say that President Donald Trump was shocked by Melania’s arrest, because “he had not explicitly demanded that his wife be arrested, but he soon learned it was implicit in his orders.”

The false article was referring to Trump’s recent accusation against Democrats, proclaiming them guilty of treason, according to CNN, for not clapping as enthusiastically as Trump would have hoped during his first State of the Union address.

Trump asked if the response of some lawmakers could be called treasonous.

“Can we call that treason? Why not.”

Therefore, a real event was given a fictional turn when the article claimed that Melania was arrested for treason. Although Trump’s camp claimed he was joking when he spoke of treasonous Democrats, his critics weren’t laughing. The fake article went on to relate the non-clapping to others who use their hands against the president. Thus, Melania’s famous alleged hand-swat and recent hand-holding avoidance deemed her, according to satire, “the most flagrant transgressor.”

“Mister President, you indicated that those who express disapproval of you using their hands and in other myriad ways be charged with treason.”

Trump had to put up with the inadvertent treason charge for his wife, claimed the fake article, with Melania allegedly facing a trial with Alan Dershowitz as her lawyer. His defense would focus on Melania allegedly having to put up with recent adultery allegations brought by Stormy Daniels.

Meanwhile, treason is a serious crime that shouldn’t be thrown about lightly, claim social media users clapping back at Trump for mentioning the act, which involves betraying one’s country through treachery and disloyalty.