Philadelphia Eagles’ Chris Long Rips Super Bowl Commentary

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The Philadelphia Eagles pulled off a huge accomplishment when they raced through the NFC playoffs as an underdog in every game and then overcame odds to beat the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. They did so with their backup quarterback and a pair of controversial calls in the game, a pair of touchdowns that ended up upheld under replay. However, one person who disagreed with the official decision was commentator Cris Collinsworth, who was extremely outspoken in his belief that both touchdowns should be overturned. Eagles superstar Chris Long tweeted that he was watching the NFL Network replay of the game and soon tweeted out his criticism of Collinsworth’s comments during the game.

Cris Collinsworth On The Eagles’ Touchdowns

The first Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl touchdown that the officials looked at replays of was the Corey Clement catch in the back of the end zone. On that play, Clement grabbed the ball and definitely bobbled it. The call was whether or not he regained control and scored the touchdown.

Cris Collinsworth said that he was stunned that the Eagles touchdown stood as called. The NFL rules say that the call must be conclusive to reverse a call, and both Collinsworth and Al Michaels said that the call could go either way. This means, by NFL rules, that the original call had to stand.

It was the second Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl touchdown that Collinsworth disagreed with that brought out the wrath of Chris Long. That was the play where Zack Ertz caught the ball, ran three yards, and then dived into the end zone.

Collinsworth admitted that Ertz caught the ball but then asked when it came loose. He said that the officials “have to overturn it” and was surprised when they upheld the touchdown for the Eagles.

As for Chris Long, he responded to the Cris Collinsworth comments by overexaggerating the situation. Long said that “Ertz takes 17 steps and Collinsworth says he thinks they have to overturn it,” following that up with emojis showing him laughing so hard he was crying.

Philadelphia Eagles' Chris Long Rips Super Bowl Commentary
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Chris Long On A More Personal Super Bowl Comment

The second comment that had Chris Long commented on was when Cris Collinsworth called him out specifically. There was a play where Tom Brady actually ran out to try to catch a pass, dropping the ball. It was a similar play to the touchdown by the Philadelphia Eagles when Nick Foles caught a touchdown.

However, Cris Collinsworth called out Chris Long on the play for not rolling out to cover Tom Brady. Long responded by saying that Collinsworth thought it was his job as a defensive end to run with Brady on the wheel route on a reverse pass and then posted “LMAO.”