Gisele Bundchen Criticized For How She Explained Husband's Super Bowl Loss To Kids

The Super Bowl is now over and Tom Brady and his team suffered a big loss. While fans are pouring out their support for the New England Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady's wife Gisele Bundchen has received criticism after she explained her husband's loss to their kids.

After the Super Bowl LII, Brady's kids were seen crying, and when Bundchen tried to comfort them, she said the reason why their father lost was because they just wanted them to win "this time" since the Eagles have "never won in a million years." Bundchen added that their father has already won five times, so it's time to give someone else a chance.

According to USA Today, there was one point when Bundchen tried to comfort her kids, Vivian, Benjamin, and John, by saying that them (Patriots) "letting" the Eagles win is a form of "sharing."

Though the supermodel's main goal was to comfort her kids, many question the message she tried to impart, Romper reports. Some say that it could have been a good opportunity to teach her kids about failure, sportsmanship, and "the fact that winning isn't everything." Instead, she made it look like the Eagles' win was not brought about by their own hard work.

"... she somehow made it seem like the Patriots lost because they decided it was only fair to give someone else a chance to win the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy."
Others stood by the Eagles and said that they deserved their win; they say the Patriots didn't hand the trophy over to them and it was a fair and clean game.

"They didn't LET us win. We beat them. We EARNED it. 2nd. They aren't SHARING with us. We TOOK it. I get what she wanted to say, but it was patronizing," wrote another user.

There were also those who hit the message she was sending. Some question the general lessons she's teaching her kids. Seeing how their family is both blessed financially and "genetically," Bundchen's lesson on this Super Bowl loss could be the same consistent message she tells her kids at home.

This is not the first time her parenting views were seen as a "privileged" mentality. Back in 2010, she said in an interview that it should be a "worldwide law" for mothers to breastfeed their babies up to six months. New Yorker moms were quick to react, saying there shouldn't be a fixed law on breastfeeding as some mothers really don't have the capacity to do so.

At the same time, her comments also enraged the breastfeeding advocacy group La Leche League International, who noted that she shouldn't be pushing her righteousness on others, New York Post reports.

"There are lots of choices out there for women, and La Leche League respects those choices," says the league's Executive Director Barbara Emanuel, who notes that Bundchen never contacted the organization to get involved.

A Brooklyn Heights mother of two also commented about Bundchen's insensitivity.

"The last person you want passing judgment on you is a genetically flawless supermodel who gained four ounces during her pregnancy," says the 41-year-old mom.

Bundchen has yet to comment on the reactions to her Super Bowl parenting lessons.