WWE News: The Real Reason Jason Jordan Was Sent Home From ‘Raw’

On WWE Monday Night Raw this week, Jason Jordan announced that he was hurt and couldn’t team with Seth Rollins in their tag team title rematch with The Bar. That caused Roman Reigns to step up but Jordan came out and “accidentally” cost them the titles when he punched Cesaro in self-defense. This was two weeks in a row that Jordan was not able to actually take part in a match and the WWE recently pulled Jordan from house shows as well. As a result, many news sites reported that he was hurt and could miss up to a year of ring time. However, a surprising person stepped forward and said that those WWE rumors are not true, and this is a person who would know better than anyone.

What Is The Truth Behind The Jason Jordan Injury?

The news came from the one person closest to Jason Jordan than anyone. Jordan’s wife April Everhart took to Instagram to talk about her husband’s injuries. In the post, she said that Jordan is injured but that it is just a “minor neck injury.”

Everhart then said that all the wrestling news sites that reported the one-year timetable and the severity of the Jason Jordan injury are all reporting “fake news.” She then said that Jordan will be back “in no time” and that she plans to help guide him on a “speedy recovery.” Everhart then said that is working hard and planning his comeback and she and “Nathan” both appreciate the “good vibes.”

What This Means For Jason Jordan In The WWE

There have been no other responses from the WWE or Jason Jordan about his injury. While Everhart might be letting people who know them know that Jordan is alright, this is a dangerous move for her to make. The WWE has a pretty strict policy on storylines and not letting too much information out, especially when it comes to storyline injuries – which Jason Jordan’s injuries are playing out as.

What April Everhart did here was breaking “kayfabe” on the injury and reveal that he is not hurt as bad as everyone is making it out to appear. This could hurt his push when he returns if the WWE believes that Everhart is revealing too much behind-the-scenes information about an injury that is used in a storyline.

One WWE rumor indicated that the WWE might be leading to Seth Rollins vs. Jason Jordan at WrestleMania. However, if the Jason Jordan injury was as bad as reported, that would spoil that opportunity and could be a huge setback for Jordan.

Cageside Seats reported today that Jason Jordan had surgery on his neck. However, it was also reported that it was noninvasive, so that could be great news.

If April Everhart is telling the truth about the severity of the Jason Jordan injury, the WWE could be playing its fans right into their hands in time for a huge WrestleMania moment.