Tori Roloff Posts Touching Message For Newly Engaged Jacob And Izzy

Jacob Roloff and Isabel "Izzy" Rock got engaged sometime in December while on vacation in Iceland but didn't announce it until a month later. A couple of days ago, Tori finally got to share a heartwarming message for the young couple.

Tori apparently knew about the engagement but didn't say anything until Jacob and Izzy announced the momentous event themselves. Though she's been waiting anxiously for the announcement, it didn't occur to her until recently that they didn't have a photo together.

"So. This is so overdue," Tori said. "I've been anxiously awaiting Jake and Izzy to announce their engagement and when the time came we realized we literally had no photos of just the 5 of us."

Tori poured out her feelings as she described Jacob and Izzy as two of her closest friends. She also said that she greatly appreciates having the two as part of their lives, especially Jacob who's been a wonderful uncle to her and Zach's son Jackson. Tori admitted she had the slightest idea Jacob would be as close to Jackson as he is now.

"I'm especially thankful to Jacob," Tori said. "He is such a wonderful uncle to baby j and I honestly never expected to see their relationship grow in the way it has and I'm thankful baby j has uncle j lookin out for him."

Another thing Tori is grateful for Jacob is Izzy. The Little People, Big World star said without Jacob, she wouldn't have known and gotten close to Izzy, who she sees as a sister for quite some time now.

"I'm also thankful for Jacob because he is bringing Isabel into our family," Tori said further. "I already consider this girl a sister but i cant wait for the day it becomes official."

Tori also described Izzy as "a light in this world" whose "enthusiasm and love for life is simply contagious."

"I love you both so much and I can't wait to see what amazing things you guys accomplish together."
Another thing that came to Tori's mind after Jacob and Izzy got engaged, and something that she's thankful for, is the fact that she now has three sisters or "seestors," as she affectionately calls Molly Jo, Audrey, and now Izzy.

A few fans got a little confused after one said there should be four sisters and not three. While Tori was referring to having three sisters in Molly, Audrey, and Izzy, she did agree with the commenter that there are now four Roloff sisters, including herself.

Confusion aside, the post garnered a ton of positive messages almost all congratulating Jacob and Izzy for their engagement and commending Tori for such a wonderful heartfelt message.

There were at least a couple of followers, however, who said Jacob and Izzy were a bit too young to get hitched, while there also was one follower who said something nasty about Jackson, which didn't go well with other fans of the Roloffs. The comment apparently had something to do with Jackson's dwarfism based on the reactions of the other followers.

"He is a precious child and they should have as many children as God will bless them with," one fan told the critic. "Shame on you!"

"That is such a terrible thing to post," said another. "You must be very sad to post something so horrible."

"I'll pray that God forgives you for what you just posted," another fan said. "We are ALL made in the image of God. Prayers for your heart to change and apologize for what you just posted or to at least delete it."

The negative comment has since been deleted and the person's Instagram account, @m3lissa9300, is now inactive after other followers called her out for her supposed "hateful" and "misinformed" comment.