Ben Affleck's Father Blames 'Disgusting' Hollywood For His Son's Substance And Relationship Issues

Tim Affleck, the father of Ben and Casey Affleck, opened up recently about what he thinks of son Ben's problems with addiction and failed relationships. Tim Affleck doesn't believe that it's Ben's fault but rather it's the influence of Hollywood on Ben Affleck, causing him to self-medicate. Ben Affleck has been in rehab more than once and has employed a sober coach recently and a nurse to keep an eye on him to stay sober. But while Tim Affleck blames the influence of Hollywood, Ben Affleck has actually pointed the finger at his father in the past, saying that Tim Affleck has always been a big drinker.

Ben Affleck Has Hired A Sober Coach To Help Him Stay Clean

Ben Affleck has worked hard with a company called Concierge Nursing Company, hiring a nurse named Elizabeth Weaver to keep himself on the right track. At one point, Nurse Weaver was thought to be someone new Affleck was dating, but it was soon revealed to the press that Weaver was accompanying Affleck around town as she does sober companionship and around-the-clock in-home detox.
"Ben Affleck has reportedly had trouble with alcohol in the past, and so it isn't a stretch to think he might be reaching out for help to stay clean and sober. Although the buzz was that Affleck was seen with a pretty blonde in Beverly Hills, upon closer examination, at most she held his arm, almost to be helpful, rather than to be romantic."

Tim Affleck, Father Of Ben And Casey Affleck, Blames Hollywood For Sobriety Struggles

Tim Affleck says he believes it is Hollywood which has taken its toll on his son, Ben Affleck, says an interview with Radar Online. But Tim Affleck doesn't believe that Ben's ex Jennifer Garner nor his new girlfriend can help Ben get better.
"I want Ben to be happy, but I don't believe a woman can straighten him out!"
Despite the fact that both Ben Affleck and his brother Casey are in the entertainment industry, Tim Affleck doesn't think much of Hollywood or acting.
"Hollywood is a disgusting place! I'm not a big fan of the entertainment world. I know it's taken its toll [on Ben]."
Tim Affleck explained that Ben's trips to rehab in 2001 and 2017 both had a lot to do with his career as an actor. He explains that despite Ben's attempts to stay clean, he believes that Hollywood has hindered his sobriety.
"You're kind of forced to develop a persona that is hard to shed and go home to your family. It affects your whole life. I think that's one of the dangers of the film industry."
But Tim Affleck mentions that it's possible that his own drinking had some effect on son Ben, who claims that he watched his father drink "all day every day." But Tim Affleck makes an excuse by saying his parents drank too.
"Growing up I saw my parents drink. Everyone was doing it. [I thought], Why not?"
Tim Affleck says he is now 27 years sober and doesn't feel responsible for the struggles of Ben Affleck.

Tim Affleck Explains That He Too Has Struggled With His Own Sobriety And It Bonded Him With Ben

But Tim Affleck says because of his own struggles, he understands what Ben Affleck is going through, says x17Online. He says they have bonded on discussions about fighting alcoholism.
"I know what he's going through. Of course, we speak about it, and we do have a shared history, at least in terms of struggle. Ben's always been serious about getting sober. He wants a balanced life and he's working at it."