Disneyland Paris Is Stunning As Snow Falls Throughout The Park And Characters Play [Photos And Video]

Those visiting Walt Disney World and Disneyland will likely never see real snow fall around them, but guests visiting the international parks do have that luxury. Over the last couple of years, both Tokyo Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland have been drenched in snow, and the moments made for beautiful images. Well, snow has fallen at Disneyland Paris, and the pictures are simply amazing to see as characters play, guests bundle up, and the soft white falls all around.

When visiting Walt Disney World, it seems as if it would be next to impossible to see real snow. Earlier this year, there were some flurries in northern Florida but none in Central Florida even though it was really cold.

Out in California, Disneyland could very well get some much colder weather, but a big snowfall still isn’t likely. Don’t expect Anaheim to end up covered in snow and encased in a sea of white around the Disney Parks.

Over in France, it’s a bit of a different story. Twitter user ED92 and a number of others have been visiting Disneyland Paris and enjoying the freshly fallen snow. Sure, it may make their trip to the park a lot colder, but it’s hard to pass up shots like this.

Here, you can take a short walk through Town Square of Disneyland Paris and see just how gorgeous it is with the freshly fallen snow.

The famous Disney characters were having a lot of fun with the snow as well. While the snow fell around them, they decided to make the most of it and play around with it and enjoy the cold weather with guests.

Goofy and Peter Pan decided to play a little game in the snow, much to the delight of guests watching nearby.

Stitch seemed almost confused by the snow all around him, but that is quite understandable considering he had his lei on.

It isn’t often that the snow falls like this in Paris, but when it does, it is absolutely gorgeous.

It’s hard to deny just how beautiful it really is at Disneyland Paris with the snow falling all throughout the resort if you don’t see the pictures and video. While Twitter users such as PixieDust.be are privileged enough to see it all in person, they’re gracious enough to put it on social media for the world to enjoy. Those in the stateside Disney Parks can only hope to see it by them, but until then, there’s always Paris.