February 6, 2018
Kate Middleton Etiquette: The Real Reason Kate Cannot Take Off Her Coat In Public, Rules Markle's Studying

Kate Middleton constantly has all eyes on her which means there are specific etiquette rules that are expected to be followed so that the Duchess of Cambridge best represents the British royal family. Kate is praised for her fashion sense and for how the expectant mother has transitioned into her royal role so seamlessly. The royal has, however, received coaching and guidelines to adhere to.

Recently, Kate and Prince William took off for a royal tour to Norway and Sweden, where Duchess Kate once again wowed in her choice of attire. However, Middleton had onlookers confused as to why a chosen burgundy coat was kept on throughout much of the duration of her visit, even while indoors.

The Independent reminds of the scene when Middleton captivated crowds during the couple's visit.

"During her and Prince William's royal tour of Sweden and Norway, she was, as usual, impeccably dressed; but she made one confusing misstep -- wearing her burgundy Dolce & Gabbana coat at all times. She and William were pictured preparing for lunch with Norway's Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit at their residence Skaugum, in Oslo."
Although it may seem odd that Middleton failed to remove her designer coat during the majority of her visit, the publication notes that there is a royal rule which deems it "unladylike" for royalty to remove their coat in public. If a private moment for the duchess to do so is not offered, then the coat must be kept on.

Additionally, rules regarding nail color and lip color along with a slew of others, are to be adhered to, as well. Subtle colors, mainly nude, are the favorite option. Tight colors must also be in the nude category.


As Reader's Digest notes, the rules for royals are endless. Another wardrobe etiquette rule is for women to cover up their cleavage and to always be in classic fashion. Other guidelines concern the order royals should enter an event, how to hold their teacups and how to execute the perfect curtsy.

Prince Harry's soon-to-wife, Suits star Meghan Markle, will have to study the guidelines and follow suit much like Middleton has. It is clear, judging from Markle's fashion transformation as of late, that the star is learning the royal fashion dos and don'ts swiftly.