Update On ‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch Still In Jail, And His Mother, Out On Bail

The Affluenza Family Ethan And Tonya Couch Are Both Still Struggling

Both “affluenza teen” Ethan Couch and his mother, “affluenza mom” Tonya Couch, have both had new run-ins with the criminal justice system since they were both brought back to the United States after fleeing the law and Ethan Couch violated his probation. Now, despite repeated filings to be released from jail early, Ethan Couch has been sentenced to another year behind bars while his mother, Tonya Couch has gotten her bail restrictions stiffened because of her own probation violations involving alcohol and guns. Tonya Couch is still facing ten years behind bars for helping her then-minor son flee the country to avoid punishment.

The major issues started for Ethan Couch when after drinking and using drugs, he plowed his truck into other people and vehicles, killing and injuring several people only to use an “affluenza” defense in court. The “affluenza” defense was based on the assertion that Ethan Couch grew up with no rules and no consequences, leading him to not know right from wrong. The defense worked and kept Ethan Couch out of jail, but as a minor, he remained on probation and was not allowed to drink or use drugs.

Someone videotaped Couch playing beer pong and drinking, and he got called into his probation officer for testing. Rather than take the consequences of violating probation, Ethan Couch, and his mother, Tonya Couch went on the run to Mexico. Both were caught and brought back to Texas where Ethan Couch was locked up for his probation violation and flight from the country in an adult prison. Tonya Couch was given bail while she awaits trial.

Ethan Couch Will Be Released Next Month While His Mother, Tonya Couch Might Be Jailed Soon

From the day Ethan Couch was incarcerated, he has petitioned to be released to no avail as he is required to spend another year in prison and will be released next month after only doing a year in prison.While Ethan Couch and his parents Fred and Tonya Couch lived the high life for years, both Ethan and Tonya Couch are now crying poverty according to Daily Mail, and Tonya Couch says she can no longer afford her lawyers.

Ethan Couch, now 20 is still behind bars in the Tarrant County Correctional Center in downtown Fort Worth and might be released before his mother, Tonya Couch is sentenced. Carla Thompson, the sister of Tonya Couch says that her nephew, Ethan Couch is planning to get married as soon as he is released to his girlfriend Haleigh Shields who reportedly “stuck by him.”

“She has stuck by him all along, she’s been with him for years. I don’t think it will be long after he gets out of prison that they get married.”

Thompson says that after her nephew Ethan Couch is released from prison he would like to go into a medical field (Ethan Couch never completed the eighth grade).

“He always wanted to be a doctor. He was very smart as a child, and he could have done it. He would still like to be in the medical field. But whether he can fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor with all this behind him, I don’t know — probably not.”

Tonya Couch Almost Had Her Bail Revoked After Alcohol And Firearms Violations

Tonya Couch was supposed to have a court date last month but it has been postponed. According to the Dallas Observer, Tonya Couch has been charged with money laundering and helping her son, Ethan Couch, then a minor, flee the country. This summer prosecutors tried to have the bail of Tonya Couch revoked after she was proven to be drinking alcohol, and was also seen at a gun show in Ft. Worth handling firearms. Both drinking and handling guns are violations of her bail agreement. Reporters who were in the courtroom for the bail hearing heard witnesses say they saw Tonya Couch drinking beer in public.

“The witness says she saw #TonyaCouch drinking beer. She says she knows it was beer because it was in glass, not plastic, per bar rules.”

The judge did not revoke the bail of Tonya Couch, but he told her to exercise better judgment.

“The eyes of Texas are upon you.”