Nintendo Switch: Future Game Roster Might Include 'Crash Bandicoot,' 'Amnesia,' And 'Seven Knights'

Devina Belle

The rumor mill speculates that three new titles will be added to the Nintendo Switch's game roster either within the year or in 2019.

Hype for the Nintendo Switch is still going strong. The Japanese game company plans on keeping support for its hybrid console going by adding even more fun games for fans to play.

Seven Knights, Crash Bandicoot, and Amnesia might be the newest additions to the Nintendo Switch's game roster. No official announcements have been released by Nintendo, but several hints have been circulating throughout the internet to validate the rumors.

According to Nintendo Life, Netmarble Games is working on a Switch port for its popular mobile game, Seven Knights. Netmarble Games has apparently adopted a new business strategy and plans to release more titles for consoles and Steam.

Seven Knights is an RPG adventure game set in the land of Asgar. Based on the RPG title's description, the player's main foe will be the God of Destruction.

Besides Seven Knights, two well-established game titles are speculated to come to the Switch. A Crash Bandicoot game is reportedly being made for the portable console, stated Eurogamer. The new Crash Bandicoot title for the Nintendo Switch may be released in 2019.

Another big title rumored to be coming to the Switch is Amnesia by Frictional Games. The rumors started when a fan of the game developer tweeted an inquiry about the Amnesia collection on the Switch, reported Gamereactor.

Frictional Games opened up to the fan and replied that the developer would be interested in making a Switch port of Amnesia. However, fans hopes were dashed when Frictional Games stated that it couldn't promise that the horror game would be available for the Switch.

Forbes contributor Dave Thier hypothesized that the Switch's popularity is because Nintendo embraced the obsolete status of its hybrid portable console. Thier observed that the Nintendo Switch is leagues behind the power of Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox consoles.

However, Nintendo seems to have realized that powerful hardware is not the only factor that gamers look for in a console. So, the game company focused on the other factors gamers seek, namely console portability and its game roster.

The Nintendo Switch continues to add to its game roster. With more and more game developers and publishers wanting a piece of the Switch pie, Nintendo's hybrid console is expected to outlive its predecessors.