Jana Duggar’s Single Status Mystery Might Have Been Solved

Jana Duggar is 28-years-old and still not married, which by Duggar standards, means she’s an old maid. Fans have been speculating on her love life for quite a long time, and she’s been rumored to be paired with Tim Tebow as well as other family friends. However, those close to the Duggar family believe that the mega family releases information about their children’s courtships as soon as they happen, so they don’t necessarily think Jana Duggar is in a relationship.

Some have speculated that Jana Duggar is single because she is being “kept” as the Duggar family Cinderella, doing all of the housework and taking care of the rest of the children at home while Michelle and Jim Bob enjoy the beginning of their golden years. Her brother, Josiah Duggar, was criticized recently for saying that the family gets organized to travel internationally by “having a Jana.”

However, there is a new reason why many feel Jana Duggar is single: that Jim Bob Duggar is holding out to create tension. When Counting On‘s rating inevitably start to suffer, it is theorized that he will “marry her off” to an eligible bachelor in order to bring the ratings back in for the family.

Wedding for the Duggar family have certainly brought in the ratings, though it seems that fans have become a little bit tired of the courting, engagement, wedding, baby announcement cycle that all of the adult children go through. For many, it just isn’t worth watching as they claim it is “incredibly boring.” However, Jana getting married might just convince some of them to tune in.

Some fans have speculated that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar arrange their children’s marriages, while others believe the claim is totally bogus. Although it is unclear if the marriages are arranged, it is definitely clear that the adult children don’t get to really know one another before making a lifelong commitment. Instead, they are heavily chaperoned on dates and not allowed to really get to know one another beyond the surface level.

Although Jana’s love life will remain a talking point until she confirms she’s seeing someone, it looks as though fans might be waiting a while. Jim Bob recently stated he was “praying about that one” when asked about his eldest daughter’s dating life.