Rob Gronkowski Robbed: Burglars Break In To Gronk’s House During Super Bowl

Burglars reportedly broke in to the home of New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski either during the Super Bowl or while he was flying home on the team charter from Minneapolis after the Pat’s 41-33 upset loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Gronk called the cops about 6 p.m. last night to report the robbery.

The tight end lives in Foxborough, Massachusetts, close to Gillette Stadium, the AFC champion’s home field.

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Based on police dispatcher audio, the Boston Globe reported that thieves may have taken “multiple safes and possibly guns” in the heist at Gronk’s location. Foxborough Police Chief William Baker confirmed the burglary this morning and added that authorities are keeping the active criminal investigation close to the vest, suggesting an arrest may be imminent. With that in mind perhaps, and to protect Gronk’s privacy, he declined to comment on exactly when the robbery occurred, what items were stolen, or if there were witnesses. Chief Baker added that Gronk was a victim of a “double whammy,” i.e. the Super Bowl defeat plus the burglary.

He also encouraged anyone with information about the break-in to contact the police department’s confidential tip line.

It appears likely that Gronk’s home was specifically targeted since the thieves presumably knew he was out of town and the house was otherwise uninhabited at the time. The Patriots stayed overnight in Minneapolis after the big game and returned to Massachusetts yesterday afternoon. Cops also were tight-lipped about whether there were security cameras on the premises.

In the Super Bowl, Gronkowski caught nine passes from quarterback Tom Brady for 116 yards and two touchdowns.

Separately, and against the backdrop of his history of injury and multiple surgeries, Rob Gronkowski, 28, admitted after the game that retiring from professional football is something that he will give consideration to over the offseason.

The Daily Caller provided two takeaways from the Gronk break-in.

“The first is the most obvious, and that’s the fact it must be horrible to return from a crushing Super Bowl loss to find out your house has been robbed…Here is the second takeaway, and it’s very important. Any safe that can be picked up and carried is not a safe you should ever store weapons in. That’s the first thing you’re taught when you own guns.”

In the clip below, Chief Baker conducts a brief press conference about the Rob Gronkowski burglary, in which he indicates that more details will be forthcoming once cops make an arrest in the active investigation.

As the Rob Gronkowski home burglary is a developing story, please check back for updates.

Update: TMZ reports that Gronk’s bedroom was locked, but the burglars got into the rooms of two roommates after breaking into the home through a window. Apparently the crime occurred about 8:50 p.m. Eastern time Sunday, right in the thick of the Super Bowl.

A soundbite of the Rob Gronkowksi 911 call has been released in which he identifies himself and tells the police dispatcher that his whole house was robbed while he was on the Super Bowl trip.