February 6, 2018
Lisa Vanderpump Speaks Out About Katie Maloney's Devastating Accident After 'Vanderpump Rules' Episode

Lisa Vanderpump may employ many of the Vanderpump Rules stars, but she seems to have a great friendship with many of them. Over the years, Lisa has tried to support her employees to do great things all the time and she has created various opportunities for them. Katie Maloney has worked as Lisa's personal assistant and on this season of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder is working as Lisa's party planner. As for Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, they have the opportunity of working with Vanderpump on a new restaurant and business. It sounds like Vanderpump is truly thankful for her great friendships and it sounds like she's now sending a special message to Katie.

During last night's episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie opened up about how she's feeling self-conscious about her appearance. After Kevin Lee made comments about her weight, Maloney revealed she had a scar on her face from an accident that happened eight years ago. According to a new tweet, Lisa Vanderpump is now revealing that she adores Katie and she adores her for sharing her story with the world again. This isn't the first time that Katie has opened up about her accident, but this is the first time that Katie shared video footage of her having her jaw wired shut.

"I remember so well…Katie Maloney, hearing of your accident and how you were so concerned for your job. Loved you then and now," Lisa Vanderpump revealed on Twitter as the Vanderpump Rules aired last night, to which one person added, "Thank you for loving and supporting Katie. You're truly a compassionate person and a boss I wished I worked for! I sent her my support, as well. Much respect you both!"

The accident happened over eight years ago. Katie fell through a skylight and landed 25 feet below. The fall caused drama, as Katie ended up with a broken jaw, a broken collarbone and she suffered a small brain injury. It's not something she talks about on Vanderpump Rules often, and over six seasons of filming, the injury has only surfaced twice. It sounds like she doesn't think it identifies her, but the scar on her face may have caused her some self-confidence issues in the past. It sounds like she's moving on from the injury, as she's learning to live with the scars of the past. As for Lisa, she revealed that she loved Maloney for sharing her story.

Lisa Vanderpump continues to support Katie's journey as she still works for SUR. No word on whether Maloney continues to work as Vanderpump's personal assistant.