‘This Is Us’ Schedule Notes: Season 2 Breaks For Winter Olympics, Finale Right Around The Corner

Fans are still buzzing over the post-Super Bowl episode of This Is Us that finally revealed the cause of Jack Pearson’s death and people are bracing themselves for an emotional episode coming up Tuesday night. The This Is Us schedule has left some viewers confused lately and there are a few more hiccups on the way heading toward the next finale. How many episodes remain in Season 2 and exactly when does each remaining show air on NBC?

Viewers did not get a new episode of This Is Us last Tuesday due to the State of the Union Address by President Donald Trump. The Sunday night offering that showed Jack Pearson’s death aired later in the evening than many fans are used to, but the Tuesday, February 6 show airs at its usual time.

Unfortunately, everybody will be left hanging for a couple of weeks after Tuesday night’s Season 2, Episode 15 show titled “The Car.” This Is Us takes a brief hiatus to make room for the Winter Olympics taking place in South Korea and airing on NBC, so there are no new episodes airing on February 13 or 20. However, there are three more episodes ahead yet for Season 2 and they reportedly air for three straight weeks after the Olympics.

The Season 2 episode listing at IMDb details that the final three shows will air on February 27, March 6, and March 13 and TV Guide confirms that the finale will air on Tuesday, March 13. This will feel like an early end to the Pearson family drama for this go-around, but the show did wrap up its debut episodes around the same time last year.

After the Season 2 finale of This Is Us, NBC is using that time slot to feature the new show from Jason Katims titled Rise. Considering Katims’ previous success with the shows Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, utilizing the This Is Us time slot is a logical choice as the series may draw in similar types of viewers.

Director and executive producer Ken Olin teased fans that they need to be strong heading into “The Car” and this episode will be an emotional one that focuses heavily on Jack’s death and its aftermath. Obviously, people tuned in to the last episode in droves because it answered questions about the Pearson death, plus it had that prime post-Super Bowl time slot. In fact, Olin noted that the episode scored huge ratings for NBC.

Can This Is Us keep up this kind of momentum during the last few shows of Season 2 and into Season 3? NBC has already renewed the series and there are plenty more Pearson stories to tell. People want to know more about Jack’s childhood, his time in Vietnam, and his brother Nicky, and it is said that Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship will be explored further down the road. Kate and Toby have a wedding to plan and fans are anxious to see more of Randall and Beth’s new business venture as well as Kevin’s recovery.

Tuesday’s episode will certainly be a powerful one, and it will likely leave viewers wanting much more. Unfortunately, everybody faces a two-week break thanks to the Olympics. However, it’s key to remember there are still three more episodes of This Is Us set to air in Season 2 and dedicated fans cannot wait to see what comes next for the Pearson family.