Could ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Jax Taylor Be Fired? Lisa Vanderpump Doesn’t Want Him Near Her

Jax Taylor may be on the verge of losing his job.

After the Vanderpump Rules star showed up late to work and had an attitude with his boss, Lisa Vanderpump, Vanderpump is making it quite clear that she is not happy with Taylor’s behavior and letting Brittany Cartwright know that she does not want to see Taylor anytime soon.

“I’m pissed off with him. I want to punish him,” Lisa Vanderpump explains to Brittany Cartwright in a sneak peek shared by Bravo TV on February 5.

According to Lisa Vanderpump, she doesn’t want to allow Jax Taylor to attend her World Dog Day event in Los Angeles because she isn’t ready to see him having fun. Instead, she wants him to know that his behavior at SUR Restaurant is not something that will be tolerated. Right away, Brittany Cartwright is quite understanding of Vanderpump’s stance and tells her boss that she agrees with her feelings and decision.

Lisa Vanderpump continued on to Brittany Cartwright, making sure that she relays a very important message to her boyfriend prior to the upcoming World Dog Day event.

“Do not come anywhere near me,” she says.

Jax Taylor has been working for Lisa Vanderpump at SUR Restaurant as a bartender in their lounge area for the past several years.

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Because Jax Taylor has been a part of SUR Restaurant since Vanderpump Rules began airing on Bravo TV in January 2013, it’s hard to imagine the show without him. That said, Lisa Vanderpump is a hard worker and expects the same out of each and every one of her employees. So, if Taylor continues to disappoint her, she would likely not hesitate to give him the boot.

In other Jax Taylor news, he and Brittany Cartwright seem to be doing well, despite his recent admission to cheating on her with Fatih Stowers in early 2017.

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