Jenelle Evans' Husband Is Joining Twitter: Will 'Teen Mom 2' Husband Ruin Her Relationship With MTV?

Jenelle Evans has been a part of the Teen Mom 2 family since the show began. Back then, Jenelle was trying to move on with her life after signing over the rights to Jace, as she wasn't able to care for him. Now she has two additional children and she married David Eason this past September. She's currently living in the country in North Carolina and it's clear that she wants to live a peaceful life with her family members and her children. However, fans have mixed feelings about David, as he tends to speak out on behalf of Jenelle, removing her voice from their Teen Mom 2 scenes. For example, last season she told producers that they had argued and when they asked David about it, he denied that they fought.

It was clear that he wanted to protect his relationship and their situation. He didn't want to dish his private fights with Jenelle and he slammed the Teen Mom 2 producers for digging for information. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that David is getting a bigger voice than before. Not only he is filming Teen Mom 2 with her, but he's also getting his own Twitter account. Now, he can share his thoughts on Twitter while watching himself on the show.

While Jenelle Evans seems to be happy about this situation, it sounds like this could possibly ruin her relationship with MTV. David Eason doesn't hold back when he gets upset about something, and he has been filmed yelling and screaming at Jenelle. He also walked out on producers when they were scheduled to film. If David gets a Twitter profile where he can share his feelings, he may say something negative about the network or the producers. Farrah Abraham has often been accused of saying things about the network and there have been numerous reports about her being fired. Perhaps Jenelle will give David some rules to follow, so she doesn't lose her gig with Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle Evans is supposedly filming the newest season of the show, even though she has threatened to leave the franchise behind. Some people speculate that she continues to film the show for the sake of money.